Wednesday, August 24, 2011

climate summer 2011

IARC-JAXA arctic sea ice cover extent, updated daily 
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World Oceans in 'shocking' decline  20 Jun
Africa drought worst in sixty years 14 Jul
Arctic sea ice way beyond the albedo tipping point 20 Jul
UK beaches see rise in jellyfish 21 Jul
Alaska fire order of magnitude higher than historical size 28 Jul
Somalia famine spreads to more areas 3 Aug
US most of the country in grip of record heat wave  5 Aug
N-Europe, Russia, and US abnormally warm conditions 17 Aug
US Southwest in grip of mega-drought 19 Aug

... wiki on the 2011 East Africa drought
... wiki on the 2011 China floods


expanding deserts & falling water tables
(read here by Lester Brown, Aug 23) 

species flee warming faster than previously thought
(read here by I Chen et al, Science 333:1024-1026)
(write-up by J Carpenter Aug 20)

climate-related decline in global crop production
(read here by D Lobell et al, Science 333: 616-620)
(write-up by R Harris, May 7)


Somalia famine linked to global warming Aug 24


Only 30% of Americans think warming is anthropogenic 22 Jul
69% of Americans think scientists falsify climate research 3 Aug
... 57% think there is significant scientific disagreement 3 Aug
Aussies protest against carbon tax 16 Aug
Rick Perry, climate skeptic 24 Aug


Greens react to planned German nuclear phase-out 31 May
Hundred dollar hamburger? 14 Jun
Greens enjoy taste of power in Australia parliament 3 Jul
UN official warns climate change 'threatens peace' 21 Jul


China threat over EU airline emissions trading 6 Jun
IPCC's Pachauri on consequences of stalled climate talks 25 Jul


climate to wreak havoc on food supply 2 Jun
global warming lull 1998-2008 down to China's coal growth 5 Jul
GHG regulations and job growth linked in new study 21 Aug


D Arnold, ed. The Ethics of Global Climate Change 2011
reviewed by K Shrader-Frechette, NDPR


'the window for cutting CO2 is closing'
Lord Stern 31 May link


sixty-four months left.

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Great summary of a broad range of issues currently occurring in the environmental world. Now, what are we going to do about it?