Friday, February 4, 2011

climate february 2011

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Amazon at tipping point: billions of trees deaths 4 Feb
US snow in Texas, again 4 Feb
US snow blankets south 3 Feb
Global food prices hit new record high 3 Feb
Australia cyclone makes landfall 2 FebUS deep freeze sets in over two-thirds of country 2 Feb
Illinois blizzard third-largest in Chicago history 2 Feb
US flight cancellations top 6,000 for second straight day 1 Feb
Australia gets most powerful cyclone in country's history 1 Feb
US colossal winter storm impacts 100 million 28 Jan + 2 Feb
Arctic temps at Baffin Island + 21 C/39 F for a month 28 Jan
Arctic temps at Coral Harbor above freezing for first time 28 Jan
US yet another major snowstorm his northeast 27 Jan
US snowstorm shatters NYC, Philadelphia records 27 Jan
New England snowstorm blasting the northeast 26 Jan


oil price now above $ 103 3 Feb
oysters disappearing worldwide 3 Feb
food crisis fuels Egypt revolution 31 Jan
Arctic defrost dumping snow on US and Europe 28 Jan and here
Arctic waters warmer than in 2,000 years 28 Jan
African land grabs could herald new age of hunger 28 Jan
climate change: driving straight into catastrophe 24 Jan
2o10 updates to model-data comparisons 21 Jan


US KZ Guantanamo celebrates 9th anniversary, victim dies 4 Feb
US Al Jazeera blacked out across most of United States 4 Feb
US climate denier at the Boston Herald 3 Feb
US NYT on Republican climate deniers 2 Feb
US gov gives GHG exemption to GE power plants 2 Feb
US Koch Brothers and their climate denial machine 2 Feb
US endless storms causing snow rage 31 Jan
US nuclear power suffers more setbacks 31 JanUS Senate votes to reject filibuster restrictions 28 Jan
US why military spending remains untouchable 27 Jan
US how the U.S. is failing its people, compared to EU 26 Jan
US Repubs symbolically repeal climate policies 20 Jan

UK ministry unveils national 'climate-proofing' plans 28 Jan
UN climate talks in focus at Davos forum 27 Jan

UN Ban K-M redirects focus to energy, sustainability 27 Jan
India's Suzlon Energy wins 1 billion $ wind power deal 28 Jan
UN moratorium halts geo-engineering experiments 8 Dec

L Pitts "the dumbing down of America" 4 Feb
P. Barnes "a brief history of commons destruction" 31 Jan
M Hertsgaard "Seattle will stay dry when your city floods" 30 Jan
J Boykoff "reheating the climate change story" 30 JanM Brune "the billionaire brothers who make us sick" 28 Jan
R. Benestad "cold winter in a world of warming?" 14 Dec


rising food prices have potentially devastating consequences for poorer nations

D Strauss-Kahn, International Monetary Fund 1 Feb

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