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climate findings

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updated 4.4.2011


"Following the failed climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, the prospects for sufficient public concern about climate change and political will to reduce carbon emissions have seemed dim.  However, recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, and other countries have shown, albeit in a very different context, that increases in the perceived effectiveness of individual and collective action can change attitudes and behaviours quickly and dramatically; in this case the willingness of ordinary citizens to rise up against autocratic rulers.  The results reported by Spence and colleagues provide a glimmer of hope that similar 'tipping point' dynamics might exist in the domain of climate change, a prospect that is strengthened by recent evidence that further links flooding to climate change."

Elke U. Weber
psychology: climate change hits home
Nature Climate Change 1 (2011): 25-26 (Weber)


(the first casualties: Mexico, Mozambique, Vietnam)
casualties of climate change
Scientific American Jan 2011 (Sherbinin &al) 

(no doubts on attributing Aussi/Paki floods)
Forscher geben Menschheit Schuld an Katastrophen
Der Spiegel 17 Feb 2011

(no doubts on attributing 2011 US winter)
going to extremes
Realclimate 17 Feb 2011
extreme winter weather linked to climate change
Common Dreams 2 Mar 2011
human contribution to more-intense precipitation extremes
Nature 470 (2010): 378-381 (Min, Zhang, Zwiers, Hegerl)
anthropogenic GHG contribution to flood risk in the UK
Nature 470 (2011): 382-385 (Pall, Aina &al.)

(probable attributing of current rains, floods)
climate change: human influence on rainfall
Nature 470 (2010): 344-345 (Allan) 

(doubts on attributing 2010 Russian heat)
Russian heat wave was natural
Yahoo/AP 9 Mar 2011
Dole / Hoerling Geophysical Research Letters

(B McKibben asks: are we to blame?)
natural disasters?
The Guardian 2 Apr 2011


(what's wrong with biofuels)
special report food: plagued by politics
The Economist 24 Feb 2011

(Japan's newest supertrain)
the new high speed Hayabusa
Japan bullet train commercial 5 Mar 2011

(corporate agribusiness is inefficient)
UN: ecofarming feeds the world
Civil Eats 9 Mar 2011
sustainable farming can feed the world?
NYT Opinionator 8 Mar 2011
the 9 billion-people question
The Economist 24 Feb 2011
Agro-Ecology and the Right to Food
UN General Assembly report

(the mitigation fallout from Fukushima)
 nuclear renaissance threatened
Businessweek 13 Mar 2011

(reducing CO2 will create wetter climate)
cutting carbon dioxide helps prevent drying
Carnegie Science  24 Mar 2011
why increase in precipitation in response to less CO2 forcing?
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (2011): L06703
(Cao, Bao, Caldeira) 

(the US is still not getting it)
Barack Obama's on thin green ice
Politico 2 Apr 2011


(the climate-food link hardens)
foresight: the future of food and farming
The Government Office for Science London 2011
im Wettlauf um Ressourcen
Die Zeit 3 Feb 2011

(US Southwest may become desert -- again)
does the Southwest face a mega-drought?
NYT Green 25 Feb 2011
ancient megadroughts preview climate change future 
Huff Post 28 Feb 2011
extended megadroughts during Pleistocene interglacials
Nature 470 (2011): 518-521 (Fawcett & al)

(1 C rise in temps reduces yields even w/o drought)
climate change & crop yields: one degree over 
Economist 17 Mar 2011
nonlinear heat effects on African maize
Nature Climate Change 1 (2011): 42-45 (Lobell &al)

(faster winds, rougher waves, more rain)
wind speeds increasing over oceans: more rain
Huff Post 25 Mar 2011
global trends in wind speed and wave height
Science 2011 doi: 10.1126/science.1197219

northward creep of vines chokes off ecosystems)
stranglers of the tropics--and beyond
National Science Foundation 25 Mar 2011


(worst drought in Amazon in 2010)
mass tree deaths prompts fears of tipping point
The Guardian 4 Feb 2011
catastrophic drought in the Amazon
Independent 4 Feb 2011

(as ice is melting, planet is losing its lungs)
extinction event?
Nature bats last 7 Feb 2011 

(worst drought in 60 years in China)
drought imperils China's wheat crop
NYT Green 8 Feb 2011 

(crop yields are growing slower than population)
special report food: how much is enough?
The Economist 24 Feb 2011

(ice melt is becoming main driver of sea level rise)
polar ice loss quickens, raising seas
BBC 9 Mar 2011


(the 2010 baseline)
global wellbeing index 2011--country rankings
Gallup 10 Dec 2010 

(average American 3x emissions of average Chinese) 
your piece of the keeling curve
NYT Green 24 Dec 2010

(N Chomsky on the American Disenlightenment)
how climate change became a 'liberal hoax'
The Nation 9 Feb 2011

(quantifying the American Disenlightenment)
why don't Americans believe in global warming?
The Economist 8 Feb 2011

(dysfunctional American sprawl)
J H Kunstler: the old American dream is a nightmare
Grist 9 Mar 2011

(climate denial in US school books)
our climate crisis is an education crisis
Rethinking Schools 2 Apr 2011

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