Tuesday, October 4, 2011

climate october 2011

U.S. Drought Monitor Oct 2011 screenshot

Uni Bremen Arctic Sea Ice 25 Sep 2011 screenshot

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Thailand: century flood  Spiegel 7 Oct 2011
Cal./Nev.: winter already in the Sierra? 4 Oct 2011
Cambodia: worst flood in a decade Guardian 2 Oct 2011
Philippines: typhoon after floods BBC 1 Oct 2011
Great Britain: record-breaking heat 1 Oct 2011
India: flooding kills dozens, maroons many AP 26 Sep 2011
Somalia: famine, unspeakable violence NYT 25 Sep 2011
China: heavy flooding, mass evacuations  Xinhua 22 Sep 2011
Arctic: whales can take Northwest Passage BBC 21 Sep 2011
Japan: typhoon Roke: destruction, floods Zeit 21 Sep 2011
Pakistan: people flee from record floods Zeit 13 Sep 2011
Arctic ice at historic low AFP 11 Sep 2011
Pakistan: deadly floods, again Climate Signals 10 Sep 2011
US Northeast: 100,000 told to flee floods MSN 9 Sep 2011
Arctic: historic minimum in sea ice extent ASI Blog 9 Sep 2011
Pakistan: 200+ dead, record floods again Spiegel 9 Sep 2011
Japan: deadly typhoon strikes Zeit 4 Sep 2011


UK cod collapse due to overfishing Guardian 30 Sep 2011
Africa: Oxfam warns about 'land rush' BBC 22 Sep 2011
Arctic sea ice melt at record minimum Spiegel 9 Sep 2011
Meereseisflaechen so klein wie nie Univ Bremen 9 Sep 2011


record melt --> high pressure --> altitude cold --> ozone hole?
G Manney et al. "unprecedented Arctic ozone loss in 2011"
Nature 2 Oct 2011 10.1038/nature10556

global warming --> powersurge --> bad crops --> no food
GRAIN "food & climate: the forgotten connection"
Common Dreams 29 Sept 2011


A map of organized climate denial NYT 4 Oct 2011
GOP vs. clean energy Switchboard 27 Sep 2011
corporate media turn blind eye to protests OS 27 Sep 2011
why Americans are in climate denial HuffPost 24 Sep 2011
House vote slaps at EPA rules 23 WSJ 23 Sep 2011
reality TV and lack of empathy AlterNet 20 Sep 2011
climate denial: is it weird enough yet? NYT 13 Sep 2011


shifting the suburban paradigm  NYT 2 Oct 2011
Peugeot Diesel/Electric hybrid 27 Sep 2011
Mercedes Smart with photovoltaic drive 23 Sep 2011
Fiat 500 Electric 22 Sep 2011


Japan: $280 billion for no nukes Reuters 12 Sep 2011
Germany: bullet trains to run on wind power NYT 4 Oct 2011


food prices and the Arab spring CD 28 Aug 2011
Greenland meltdown 2011 data are in RC 21 Sep 2011
unprecedented Arctic ozone loss in 2011 Nature 2 Oct 2011
climatic habitat shift in Antarctic Abyss HuffPost 11 Sep 2011
bacteria spreading in warming oceans HuffPost 9 Sep 2011


P Krugman confronting the malefactors NYT 8 Oct 2011
D Morris it's labor vs. capital, stupid CD 7 Oct 2011
A Lowrey the economics of occupy W-Street Slate 5 Oct 2011
D Korten why I am in solidarity Yes 5 Oct 2011
anon best occupy W-Street rant YouTube 4 Oct 2011
J Kunstler here come the OWsers! clusterf*ck 3 Oct 2011


Americans who accept evolution: 57%
Americans who acknowledge climate change: 69%
Republicans who acknowledge climate change: 49%
Tea Partiers who acknowledge climate change: 41%
Tea Parties who'd vote for a climate denier: 33%
Republicans who'd vote for a climate denier: 16%
Democrats who'd vote for a climate denier: 5%

22 Sep 2011 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion News Service (pdf) (link)


"das alte Wachstumsmodell ist gescheitert"
(the old model of growth has failed)
Jeremy Rifkin, Die Zeit 27 Sep 2011

"we look like a joke, right?"
Bill Clinton about US climate deniers
HuffPost 20 Sep 2011

"prepare for a climate skeptic defeating Obama"
Leo Hickman, The Guardian 8 Sep 2011
And yet: would it matter?  cf. Richard Black, BBC, 8 Sep 2011

"total area of sea ice in Arctic Ocean smallest since observations started; much faster pace of ice melting than forecasted"
JAXA press release 16 Aug 2011




... sixty-two months left.