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climate october I 2010

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Scanning the science lit for this update turned my stomach.
All the research suggests we've been way too optimistic so far.
The stupid Americans We have unleashed a monster.


Pakistan hungry children face uncertain future after flood 10.14.
South Korea heavy rain makes kimchee harvest fail 10.12.
Papua flash floods kill many; Indonesia denies fault 10.12.Atlantic hurricane Paula 10.12.
Bolivia threatened by aridity and erosion 10.7.
New Zealand hit by worst spring storm in living memory 10.5.

global oil demand forecast stronger than expected 10.13.
time to find a second Earth, WWF says 10.12.
soaring prices threaten new global food crisis 10.8.

US Pentagon to go green because it has to 10.13.
China: as talks wind down, time running out for action 10.12.
US how gov missed chance to deal with climate change 10.11.
World: Global Work Party 10/10/10 day of climate action 10.10.
UN: climate deal is closer, despite US & China 10.9.China calls US 'a pig in the mirror' on climate change 10.9.
China: civil society finds a voice in climate talks 10.8.
China & US blamed as climate talks stall 10.8.
US Senate is to blame for US climate bill's demise 10.6.
US military orders less dependence on fossil fuels 10.5.
US how Obama lost climate change 10.5.
UN: Cancun failure would make further talks irrelevant 10.4.
China: climate talks open in Tianjin 10.4.
UN climate chief Figueres urges to find common ground 10.4.

Germany's energy research plan 10.15.
China wins praise for quickly growing green reputation 10.15.
South Korea unveils huge clean energy investment plan 10.13.
US allows higher ethanol content in gasoline 10.13.
Europe to surpass Kyoto emissions target 10.13.
Europe on track for goals but emissions from imports rise 10.13.
China's wind power capacity to grow five-fold by 2020 10.13.
World: green tech -- the most beautiful projects 10.12.
Taiwan plans large solar plant in Pingdong county 10.11.
US White House to go solar (1 house down, 100 mio to go) 10.5.
US rail service expansion imperiled at state level 10.4.


... Aging, urbanization will increase GHG emissions 10.13.
... Population shifts substantially influence emissions 10.12.
(without reducing procreation civilization will be screwed)
B O'Neill global demographic trends and future carbon emissions
Proceedings of the Nat'l Ac of Science 107 (2010): 17521-17525

(putting the US military to more rational use)
N Gronewold Pakistani relief efforts exercise for more disasters
Scientific American climatewire 15 Oct 2010

(thermocline is moving up due to climate change)
... Coral reveal climate change's impact on ocean 10.12. & here
B Williams, forthcoming (pre-publication press release above)
Geophysical Research Letters, in press

... Sun's role in warming the planet may be overestimated 10.6.
... Solar spectral stumper (RealClimate) 10.7.
J Haigh solar spectral variations and radiative forcing
Nature 467 (2010): 696-699

(first worldwide synthesis model--80 % of world pop at risk)
C Vorosmarty global threats to water security and river diversity
Nature 467 (2010): 551-561 (30 Sep 2010)

(current models are underestimating climate change effects)
N Gillett accounting for carbon cycle feedbacks
Envir Res Lett 5 (2010) 034011

(limits of prediction suggest we may be in for a nasty surprise)
P Ditlevsen tipping points: early warning and wishful thinking
Geophysical Res Lett 37 (2010) L19703

(acidification may lead to different evolutionary pathways)
Y Wu seawater acidification affects marine diatom
Biogeosciences 7 (2010): 2915-1923

(WTF? -- climate change may collapse volcano cones)
K Ravilious a warming world could leave cities flattened
New Scientist Oct 2010: 2782

(nice account of how & why CO2 is so central to climate forcing)
(... PS: even 350 ppm may be too high; 300 ppm suggested here)
A Lacis atmospheric CO2: principal control knob governing temp
Science 330 (2010): 356-359

... and last but not least:
UN IPCC discusses methodology reform in S Korea 10.11.


Feds ask Americans to prep for effects of climate change 10.14.
Decade-long effort to pass climate law is dead 10.14.
Gulf drilling moratorium is over 10.13.
Democrats distance themselves from climate plan 10.12.
How did an entire party decide to reject climate science? 10.10.
Ayn Rand conservativism at work 10.4.
US climatologists continue to be harassed 10.4.
high-risk energy boom sweeps across North America 9.30.

"eine Gesellschaft zerfaellt" J Sachs 10.14.
"standing up against the oil lobby" A Gore 10.12.
"lessons of the Obama debacle" W Bello 10.12.
"fear and favor" P Krugman 10.3.
"how the future will judge our moral failings" K Appiah 10.3.


M Mastrandrea Preparing for Climate Change (MIT Press 2010)


About the US Republican Party:

Indeed, it is difficult to identify another major political party in any democracy as thoroughly dismissive of climate science as is the GOP here. Eileen Claussen, president of the PEW Center on Global Climate Change, says that although other parties may contain pockets of climate skepticism, there is "no partly-wide view like this anywhere in the world that I am aware of."

Steve Benen, Alternet, 10.10.


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