Saturday, September 15, 2012

climate september 2012

Moleskin plants R Wieland via Colossal


Heat, storms, wildfires: this is just the beginning 3 Jul 12
Fears of a new Dust Bowl 5 Jul 12
4,500 heat records and counting 7 Jul 12
Warmest half year on record for US mainland 9 Jul 12
Extreme rain, flood, mudslides in Japan 16 Jul 12
US drought covers widest area since 1956 16 Jul 12
US infrastructure in disarray due to weather, climate 26 Jul 12
Oklahoma so hot street lamps are melting 2 Aug 12
Tens of thousands flee floods in Manila 7 Aug 12
July 2012 breaks all heat records 8 Aug 12


Twenty years of failure 11 Jun 12
World leaders to protect plutocratic elites, not Earth18 Jun 12
Nowhere, nothing, nada: Rio+20 Text is only fluff 22 Jun 12
Rio+20: vengeance too long delayed 24 Jun 12


Study links global warming to Texas heat waves 10 Jul 12
June Nature: state shift of biosphere is near 18 Jun 12
Ocean acidification moving at rate faster than expected 8 Jul 12
L Brown: world is closer to food crisis than most realize 24 Jul 21
NASA in disbelief over are of melting ice 25 Jul 12
Melting glaciers may worsen NW China's water woes 26 Jul 12
Storms threaten Ozone layer over U.S., study says 26 Jul 12
Increased, heavier snow- & rainstorms since 1948 31 Jul 12
Climate study ties recent heat waves to global warming 4 Aug 12
Ocean acidification could disrupt marine food chains 5 Aug 12
August PNAS climate change causes crazy weather now 5 Aug 12
More of Earth is hotter and global warming is at work 6 Aug 12
Aug Nature Geoscience hundred year forecast: Drought 11 Aug 12


The most anti-environment US Congress in history: here's the record 20 Jun 12
M Klare: Obama channels Cheney's energy policy 21 Jun 12
The silence on global warming 9 Jul 12
US Suburbs criminalize edible gardens 18 Jul 12
Survey: climate skeptics embrace free market ideology 27 Jul 12
Natural gas and its role in the US energy endgame 13 Aug 12
Al Gore: meet Paul Ryan 13 Aug 12


New Dust Bowl? 5 Jul 12
Wild orchids thrive as rain causes crops to fail 12 Jul
M Fukuoka: the green deserts of western civilization 20 Jul 12
Will drought cause the next blackout? 23 Jul 12
Drought may cost billions in US food exports 2 Aug 12
One billion already hungry as deeper food crises loom 5 Aug 12
M Klare: the coming hunger wars 7 Aug 12
US century drought endangers world food security 13 Aug 12


Sea levels will keep rising now regardless of mitigation 24 Jun 12


Parisians are way ahead in bicycling 24 Jun 12
Leopold Kohr (1909-1994) wikipedia
The future as a commons: capitalism and eco-tragedy 6 Jul 12
planning World Climate Summit in Katar 2012 18 Jul 12


Climate change's evil twin
Sustained growth as the opposite of sustainability
The global Elders

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