Monday, January 3, 2011

climate december II 2010

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New Jersey: state snow record 12.27.
New York: snow strands subway riders 12.27.
Northeast: powerful blizzard paralyzes several states 12.26.
Northeast: heaviest December snowfall in six decades 12.27.Missouri, Arkansas see out-of-season tornados 1.1.
South Carolina: frigid ocean temps kill off sea creatures 12.26.
South Carolina sees record snow 12.26.
Georgia: Atlanta first white Christmas in 128 years 12.25.
Arizona astonished by snow fall 12.30.
Sweden: coldest December in 110 years 12.26.
Israel: heat wave and deepening drought 12.28.
Israel: forest fires, unseasonable heat, incipient drought 12.3.
India: Ladakh sees record cold 12.29.
Russia: freezing rain, power cuts, airport riots 12.28.
Australia: Queensland evacuates towns 12.28.
Australia: floods strand 200,000 12.31.
Australia sees flood record 1.2.


global food crisis has arrived Die Zeit dossier 12.27.
oil price rises 30 percent in 2010 12.31.
2010 top three hottest yrs; 2001-10 warmest decade ever 12.2.AMERICAN DISENLIGHTENMENT

USA forecast: C Hedges 2011: a brave new dystopia 12.27.
USA Bushism: Cheney buys off criminal charges in Nigeria 12.28.
USA: Pennsylvania allows natural gas waste in waterways 1.3.
USA: F Upton (R; House Energy) to fight GHG emission limits 1.2.
USA: religious right attacks environmentalism 12.29.
USA: IBD climate denial editorial 12.22.


Brazil: A Huffington: rebrand it the South American dream 12.22.


US stricter air regulations & cleaner farm equipment 1.3.
US EPA moves to limit greenhouse gases 12.24.


J Cohen: bundle up, it's global warming 12.25.P Krugman: the finite world 12.27.


"the consensus trance of recovery makes itself manifest through every conduit of public utterance ... even though the Consumer Price Index omits items such as food, gasoline, and heating oil in its calibrations, while heaping on fictional hedonic adjustments."
J H Kunstler "forecast 2011" at 1.3.11

(granted, 'consensus trance' is old, but it's timely. Kunstler uses it in The Long Emergency 2005, citing E. Davis, TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information 1998)


Leibowitz Society forms (see blog here)

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