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climate october 2012

Desert win A. Sanchez-Montanes via Colossal


B McKibben summer of extremes is the new normal  8 Sep 12
Is climate change hell now inevitable? 25 Sep 12
US drought conditions update shows no improvement 27 Sep 12
Climate change takes a bite out of global food supply 29 Sep 12


Megastorm worsens the arctic melt-off 15 Aug 12
Arctic ice melting at startlingly rapid rate 22 Aug 12
Arctic sea ice shrinks to lowest extent ever recorded 27 Aug 12
North polar sea ice melt record 28 Aug 12
'Unprecedented,' 'amazing,' 'goliath'--scientists react 7 Sep 12
Northwest passage completely ice-free 15 Sep 12
Arctic sea ice now down 50 pct of what it was in 1973 19 Sep 12
Ice-free arctic is 'uncharted territory' 21 Sep 12


(The climate-weather connection)
J Hansen et al., "Perception of Climate Change," PNAS Aug 12
(World Bank declaration)
Food prices jump will hit poor 30 Aug 12
(Oxfam food-climate study)
Extreme weather hammers global food system 5 Sep 12
Impact on climate change on food prices underestimated 5 Sep 12
Food price explosion through extreme weather 5 Sep 12
(AMA info sheet)
Climate change: position of Am Meteorological Soc 20 Aug 12
(IEA press conference)
Global warming may lead to 'Miami Beach in Boston' 21 Jul 12
(Nature Sep 12)
'Vast reservoir' of methane beneath Antarctic ice sheet 29 Aug 12
(discrepancy b/w satellite data and actual visuals)
Is there even less arctic sea ice than satellites show? 14 Sep 12
(Kofi Annan's commission warning)
Report cites US as example of world's failing democracies--commission warns of growing ifnluence of money in politics and attempts to suppress voter turnout 14 Sep 12
(NGO's world risk report 2012)
Weltrisikobericht 2012 Sep 12
(UK research consortium prediction)
Avoiding dangerous climate change is still possible, but just barely 17 Sep 12
... study: Development of emissions pathways meeting a range of long-term temperature targets
(Nature Climate Change Sep 12)
Deeper CO2 cuts needed to save world's dying corals 18 Sep 12
(Prediction by Peter Wadhams, Cambridge)
The arctic could be ice-free by 2016 18 Sep 12
... Arctic sea ice will reach 'final collapse' in four years 18 Sep 12
(German parliamentary commission conclusion)
Climate fight cannot be won by high-tech alone because improvements are offset by rising consumption; German citizens must fundamentally change lifestyle 20 Sep 12
(PNAS paper on 14 tipping points)
Tipping into new climate territory  23 Sep 12


US court tosses EPA's 'good neighbor' pollution rule 24 Aug 12
New mileage standards encourage more gas-guzzling 28 Aug 12
Leadership is the answer to the right's problem with climate change  2 May 12
Heartland Institute compares belief in global warming to mass murder 4 May 12
Cato Institute to be remade in Ayn Rand's image 10 Sep 12
Harvesting a climate disaster: the Farm Bill should help the planet, not just crops 13 Sep 12
Fossil fuel industry pumping millions into anti-Obama efforts 14 Sep 12
Mitt Rommney's disastrous energy plan 14 Sep 12
America's miasma of misinformation on climate change 23 Sep 12


Tampa, one of America's most screwed-up cities, is home to GOP 22 Aug 12
Don't say "climate change"at the Republican National Convention 27 Aug 12
As climate crisis looms, prez campaigns stay quiet 17 Sep 12


J Atcheson: the epilogue to the world we knew 31 Aug 12
Ivory market frenzy causes record elephant slaughter 4 Sep 12
West Nile cases in U.S. up 25 pct in latest week: CDC 5 Sep 12
The sixth extinction article series The Guardian starting Sep 12
Vanishing arctic ice is Planet's white flag of surrender 15 Sep 12
West Nile: fighting the largest outbreak in US history 17 Sep 12
P Krugman: disdain for workers 21 Sep 12
Plastic debris reaches Southern Ocean, previously thought to be pristine 27 Sep 12


German liberals (FDP) want to curb wind technology 30 Aug 12
China's green revolution 10 Sep 12
France's Hollande outlines green energy policy 14 Sep 12
Japan sits in the nuclear power trap 14 Sep 12
Tax credit in doubt, US wind power industry withering 20 Sep 12
China and Europe want common CO2 trade 20 Sep 12
Prognosis for Germany: climate change makes Energiewende more difficult 24 Sep 12


(new philosophy blog)
Ethics for a green future blog
(new site for climate philosophy newsletters)
Int'l Society for Environ Ethics: Climate Philosophy
G Monbiot: along with arctic ice, the rich world's smugness will melt 28 Aug 12
D Wynsham: the six stages of climate grief 4 Sep 12


climate grief

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