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climate november 2011

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Delhi slum dwellers wait for hours in line at privately owned water tap (Nat Geo)


Thailand PMs want to abandon capital 15 Nov 2011
UK false spring: plants fooled into flowering 12 Nov 2011
US delays Keystone XL pipeline decision 11 Nov 2011
Alaska coast battered by hurricane 10 Nov 2011
Alaska coast prepares for storm surge 9 Nov 2011
Thailand flood deaths top 500 6 Nov 2011
Thailand flood cripples hard-drive suppliers 6 Nov 2011
New England record damage from snow storm 4 Nov 2011
World: biggest jump ever in GHG emissions 4 Nov 2011
... 2010 GHG increase six percent over 2009
... higher than worst case scenario
France oysters dying 4 Nov 2011
New England schools use up snow days pre winter 2 Nov
Cambodia floods affect over 1 million 2 Nov
New York record pre-Halloween snow storm 30 Oct 11
Thai gov decides to rip up Bangkok's streets 28 Oct 2011
Italy: flash floods, mudslides in Tuscany 27 Oct 2011
Thai floods reach northern Bangkok 24 Oct 2011
Thai government decides to flood Bangkok 20 Oct 11
Thailand: record flood in Bangkok 16 Oct 2011
Texas wildfires destroy state park 12 Oct 2011
SE Asia floods kill hundreds 10 Oct 2011


why is it so hard to stop climate change? 9 Nov 2011
climate health costs projected to be enormous 7 Nov 2011
looming water scarcity Spiegel 3 Nov 2011
breaking a long silence on population control 31 Oct 2011
world at 7 billion: Q&A with Ban Ki-Moon Time 26 Oct 11
Chinese researchers see dramatic glacier loss Spiegel 25 Oct
'the water is rising tour' sinking island nations Kos 25 Oct 
economic protests sweep the Globe 15 Oct 2011
rising temps devastate forests worldwide 1 Oct 2011
... changing forests NYT interactive 30 Sep 2011


panel charts extreme weather in warming world 18 Nov
science panel: get ready for extreme weather 18 Nov 2011
global warming toll on extreme weather Time 18 Nov 11
N. Klein "capitalism vs. the climate" Nation 9 Nov 2011


B. Walsh "the victim of overpopulation" Time 26 Oct 11
OECD social justice "bottom of the heap" NYT 29 Oct 2011


The road to Durban The Guardian since Nov 2011


J Sachs "the new progressive movement" NYT 13 Nov 2011
M Taibbi  "learning to love the OWS protests" RS 11 Nov 11
W Myers "social psychosis & sanity" CD 10 Nov 2011
D Suzuki "occupy--for our grandchildren" CD 10 Nov 2011
J Stiglitz "the globalization of protest" CD 7 Nov 2011
S King "time for the wealthy to pay their fair share" TP 7 Nov
J Habermas scolds predatory capitalism Spiegel 7 Nov 2011
P Krugman "here comes the sun" NYT 6 Nov 2011
P Krugman "oligarchy, American style" NYT 4 Nov 2011
S Zizek "interview with Smiley & West" NPR 3 Nov 2011
B Moyers "how Wall Street occupied America" Nation 2 Nov
S Zizek "occupy first. demands come later" Guardian 29 Oct 
K Rigg "the war against climate science unravels" HP 26 Oct 
P Krugman "Republicans, party of pollution" NYT 20 Oct 2011
C Hedges "a movement too big to fail" TruthDig 17 Oct 2011
J Nocera "this time it really is different" NYT 10 Oct 2011
M Morford "how to make a creationist weep" SF 21 Sep 11
D Korten "the path to real prosperity" Yes 8 Sep 2011
J Rifkin "how the 99% use lateral power" HP 8 Nov 2011
D Revkin "condom, electricity & climate divides" NYT 2 Nov
J Atcheson "it's the 1% doctrine, stupid" CD 31 Oct 2011
R. Constanza "needed: the solution generations" CD 28 Oct
R Nader "occupy Wall Street on the move" CD27 Oct 2011
M Morford "seashells of fun and horror" SF 26 Oct 2011
D Lithwick "occupy the no-spin zone" Slate 26 Oct 2011
G Lakoff "how to frame yourself: OWS" CD 19 Oct 2011
N Kristof "America's primal scream" NYT 15 Oct 2011
P Krugman "rabbit-hole economics" NYT 13 Oct 2011
T Friedman "something's happening here" NYT 11 Oct 2011
J Stiglitz "how to put America back to work" CD 8 Sep 11
T Friedman "the whole truth & nothing but" NYT 6 Sep 11
J Atcheson "Atlas Mugged" CD 2 Sep 2011

... and: UN Human Development Report 2011


most efficient solar panel ever 11 Nov 2011
A Gore "history is made in Australia" 8 Nov 2011
Australia passes 'controversial' carbon tax 7 Nov 2011
regulating the rush for land 31 Oct 2011
new garbage law passed in Germany 28 Oct 2011
California poised to finalize cap-and-trade 20 Oct 2011


klimawandel wird zur katastrophalen normalitaet 6 Nov 11
will a fossil boom delay renewables? NYT debate 6 Nov 11


grim future for frogs AP 16 Nov 2011
record high 2011 global CO2 emissions CDIAC 4 Nov 2011
Fukushima fallout twice as bad as official estimates 27 Oct
real after-tax income growth of 1% 1979-2007 CD 26 Oct 11
temp record analysis no room for doubt Economist 22 Oct 11
study finds no ground for skeptics' concern Guardian 20 Oct
NAFTA is starving Mexico FPiF 20 Oct 2011
GM crops promote superweeds & food insecurity 19 Oct 11
climate makes many species shrink in size HP 16 Oct 2011
climate may turn chocolate into luxury HP 3 Oct 2011
how fewer working hours can save the planet Yes 9 Sep 2011 


US cities cut police, switch to contractors 16 Nov 2011
Republicans oppose better school lunches 16 Nov 2011
SWAT team takes out Occupy food bank 14 Nov 2011
climate denialism: an Anglo-Saxon thing  grist 11 Nov 2011
is climate skepticism Anglo-Saxon? Guardian 11 Nov 2011
Kapitalismus in der Reichtumsfalle Zeit 11 Nov 2011
the Republican wrath of Ayn Rand CD 11 Nov 2011
questions for the Republican candidates NYT 9 Nov 2011
poverty in US now at record levels Alternet 8 Nov 2011
Greek people deprived of referendum Guardian 8 Nov 2011
Republicans filibuster infrastructure bill Kos 7 Nov 2011
how to lie about climate in one picture Kos 5 Nov 2011
the Republicans: a dangerous game Economist 5 Nov 2011
Rand Paul amendment to stop funding bike lanes  1 Nov 11
kneecapping the Environment CD 28 Oct 2011
why are bikes being targeted by Congress? CD 28 Oct 2011
Romney embraces climate denial HP 28 Oct 2011
is the EPA selling out your water? CD 26 Oct 2011
Perry slashed environ protection as gov HP 17 Oct 2011
the Evangelical rejection of reason NYT 17 Oct 2011
where did global warming go? NYT 15 Oct 2011
Perry officials doctor environmental report 14 Oct 2011 
Republicans shift power away from EPA  HP 14 Oct 2011
portrait of a climate skeptic journalist Guardian 13 Oct 11
climate skeptics are winning Independent 11 Oct 2011
Perry repeats climate skepticism HP 1 Oct 2011
NYT editorial: in the land of denial NYT 6 Sep 2011


European public opinion on climate HP 7 Oct 2011
American public opinion on climate Economist 8 Sep 2011
Americans unsure about evolution triples MSU poll  


"These estimates show that 2010 was by far a record year for CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel combustion and cement manufacture."

T Boden, T J Blasing, CDIAC


food desert

context: "...there tend to be more diet-related deaths in places where 'fringe' retailers accept food stamps.  Fringe retailers ... are those shops that specialize in food high in salt, fat and sugar, plus non-food items such as fizzy drinks.  ... food stamps are supposed to protect the poor from malnutrition, not make them ill"  Cf.  The Economist "America's food deserts" print ed 29 Oct 2011

explanation: a food desert is a (usually urban) area whose (usually U.S. American) inhabitants have little access to fresh food as a consequence of predatory capitalism, whereby corporate-friendly zoning, market deregulation, and estate prices make it profitable for fringe retailers such as gas stations, franchised fry pits, and dollar stores to sell snacks -- instead of grocers to open shop or local farmers to market produce.  The corporate-driven absence of safe bicycle paths, usable buses, and subway systems immobilizes low-income residents, locking them down in housing within food deserts.  In Climate Philosophy, we can conceive of U.S. food deserts as emblematic of the market-driven global changes to come.  


the solutions generation

context: "In 'empty world' times of resource abundance, competition is favored.  The great acceleration powered by abundant fossil fuels favored individualism, competition, and greed-based capitalism.  The coming 'full world' will favor cooperation and networking."  cf. R. Constanza "needed: the solution generations" Solutions 28 Oct 2011


the grasshopper generation

by K Andersen 2010


... sixty-one months left.

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