Saturday, November 13, 2010

climate november I 2010

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Amazon: drought deepens 11.12.
Florida: first case of Dengue fever arrives 11.11.
Thailand: severe flooding has left 181 people dead 11.10.
Haiti: hurricane Tomas triggers floods 11.7.
Vietnam: severe flooding has left 159 people dead 11.4.
Germany: a month's rainfall in one day 11.13.
Malaysia: clean-up begins after historic flooding 11.8.


last remaining pristine corals are in remote Pacific 11.12.
climate scientists plan campaigns against skeptics 11.8.
UN report warns of threat to progress from climate change 11.5.
PRC report warns climate change hurting China's crops 11.5.


USA: Obama to boost natural gas development 11.12.
USA: Rep Shimkus (R-IL): God denies climate change 11.12.
USA: Rep Shimkus could lead House environ policy 11.13.
USA: GOP climate deniers vie to run Energy Committee 11.5.
USA: Rep Sensenbrenner (R-WI): let's put Climate Com on ice 11.8.
USA: most radical capitalism of all times is last hope 11.11.USA: states to draft their own climate plans since feds don't 11.8.
USA: Europe ponders US election results 11.14.
USA: a recipe for fascism 11.8.
USA: the 13 dumbest things Americans believe 11.13.
USA: America, land of the free to be stupid 11.6.
USA: America is now officially for sale 11.5.
USA: 50% of new Congressmen deny climate change 11.4.


Cancun COP16 climate talks -- Q & A 11.8.
For Cancun, activists consider the long view 11.12.
International Climate Court plan gains momentum 11.12.
350Earth: can art save the climate? 11.12.
China: update on the one-child policy 11.2.


Malaysia: green motorcycles set to make debut 11.12.
UN climate panel calls for carbon & transport taxes 11.5.


Ted Rall yes I can 11.12.
Joseph Stiglitz the rich make their own laws 11.7.
James Galbraith how conservatives abandoned free market link
blast from the past
: Dan Froomkin Bush ends with a whimper
Germany's ex-gov speaker Heye declares Bush a retard 11.10.

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