Wednesday, August 15, 2012

climate summer 2012

Mural by A Muniz Gonzaga via Colossal


Arctic sea ice at lowest June level ever 27 Jun 12
Sea levels are rising faster on the U.S. East Coast 25 Jun 12
Drier, warmer weather expected after more downpours 17 Jul 12
Beijing floods kill thirty 22 Jun 12
Eastern US battles heat wave amid power outages 2 Jul 12
Drought reaches 56 pct of continental US 5 Jul 12
Drought now in 26 US states 12 Jul 12
Forest fires in southern Europe 17 Jul 12
Corn prices headed for record highs as crop shrinks 18 Jul 12
Plane gets stuck in hot pavement at Reagan National 8 Jul 12
World record: 42 C in Death Valley--at night  20 Jul 12
Drought deepens worries about food supplies, prices 31 Jul 12


Global warming: a look at J Hansen's scary new math 10 May 12
Climate change, extreme weather linked in studies 10 Jul 12
Peak oil oppositional disorder: neurosis or psychosis? 10 Jul 12
Cooling a warming planet: a global AC surge 10 Jul 12
McKibben: Global warming's terrifying new math 19 Jul 12
Climate emergency action plan 23 Jul 12 


GOP nightmare charts 23 May 12
Ignoring protests and warnings, Obama ushers in era of unprecedented Arctic drilling 24 May 12
Dark ages: US politics & the end of Enlightenment 18 Jun 12
Canada's PM Stephen Harper faces revolt by scientists 9 Jul 12


A cartography of the anthropocene (first seen summer 2012)
Climate change and the end of Australia 3 Oct 11
Faster than we thought: an epitaph for Planet Earth 23 May 12
Gulf fishermen reel from seafood troubles 24 May 12
Mark Morford: Babies! At the end of the world 6 Jun 12
Rio+20: J Sachs on how business destroyed democracy and virtuous life 22 Jun 12
Things global warming might ruin for your kids 24 Jun 12
Climate change: this is just the beginning 4 Jul 12
The deforestation extinction debt 12 Jul 12
Jim Hansen: climate change worse than we thought 5 Aug 12


Japan at loss after Fukushima 5 Jun 12
German gov softens Energiewende targets 17 Jul 12


C Hedges: how to think 9 Jul 12
Ban Ki Moon: consumerism is dead 13 Jul 12
Hot enough for you?  Time to teach against fossil fuels 17 Jul 12
Forget the top 1 pct.  Talk about the bottom 50 pct. 20 Jul 12
N Chomsky: destroying the commons/shredding the Magna Carta 23 Jul 12

NEW CONCEPTS (at least to me)

extinction debt
climate silence

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