Monday, May 10, 2010

Climate may 2010

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Tanzania/Congo: Lake Tanganyika warming fast 5.15.
Oklahoma/Kansas: nineteen tornadoes hit at once 5.11.
Germany: let it snow! 5.7.
Tennessee record floods kill 10 in Nashville 5.6.
Tennessee floods overwhelm Cumberland river region 5.3.
Mississippi killer storm 5.2.

... oil forms deep sea plume; biggest spill in US history 5.14.
... BP flow rate lies reflects badly on gov oversight 5.14.... Purdue U scientist: spill 14 x larger than thought 5.14.
... Florida St U scientist: spill 5 x larger than thought 5.13.
... US Republicans block effort to make oil company pay 5.13.
... Mississippi: tar balls wash up on beaches 5.13.
... Louisiana: tar balls wash up on beaches 5.12.... Alabama: tar balls wash up on offshore islands 5.12.
... aerial and underwater footage of spill 5.12.
... spill measures now 100 x 120 miles 5.11.... NYT editorial: the oil industry doesn't step up 5.11.
... Mississippi: dead dolphins wash up on coast 5.11.
... containment dome fails to stop gusher 5.10.
... background info from Daily Grist 5.7.
... dispersant may make oil spill more toxic 5.5.
... oil arrives at Chandeleur islands 5.4.... sea food industry hangs in the balance 5.4.
... oil comes ashore in Louisiana 4.30.
... oil well gushing out 42,000 gallons oil per day 4.26.

see also:

Containing and cleaning up the deepwater oil rig disaster
Scientific American (May 2010) special report


Global warming drives lizards to extinction 5.12.
China is becoming world leader in green technologies 5.6.
US Bienentod alarmiert amerik. Landwirte 5.3.
US colony collapse disorder continues and worsens 5.2.

(climate scientists speak out against political threats)
100s of authors: climate change and the integrity of science
Science 328 (2010): 689-690
see also news report 5.6.

Earth could become too hot for humans 5.4.

(quiet sun has regional effects only, won't help with warming)
M Lockwood are cold winters in Europe with low solar activity?
Environmental Research Letters 5 (2010) 024001

(more vapor + more heat = more high cold; more CO2 = less rain)
M Previdi radiative feedbacks on global precipitation
Environmental Research Letters 5 (2010)

(it'll go up 0.6-1.8 m if IPCCs conservative models are followed)
S Jevrejeva how will sea level rise with climate forcing by 2100?
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (2010) L07703

(Atlantic's way warmer now, half natural oscillation, half our doing)
C Wang is warmer N Atlantic related to CO2 and climate change?
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (2010) L08707

(more airborne nitrogen winds up in soil, helps to lock down carbon)
I Janssens less forest soil respiration b/c of nitrogen deposition
Nature Geoscience 3 (2010): 315-322

(climate change may cause 1/5 of plants & animals to go extinct)
M LePage lost lizards validate grim extinction predictions
New Scientist 13 May 2010

(economic analysis, risk analysis, and really bad climate change)
C Costello bounded uncertainty and climate change economics
PNAS 107 (2010): 8101-8110


US federal push for solar technology 5.14.
US climate bill won't achieve 350 goal 5.13.
US senate gets climate bill, modified by oil spill 5.12.
US climate bill ("American power act"): the key points 5.12.
EU climate commissioner seeks 30 percent carbon cuts 5.11.
US climate bill loses Republican support 5.7.
EU Bonn climate meeting 'ice broken' 5.4.
US climate bill could be harmed by Gulf spill 5.1.
US interior dept approves first offshore wind farm 4.28.


The Copenhagen failure: China sinks consensus (video protocol) 5.3.


US emit 7% less CO2 in 2009 5.6.
US Cape Cod project crucial for American wind industry 4.26.


UNPFII report: Christian doctrine fueled dehumanization 5.3.
H Wasserman as we die for BP, military rots in the wrong gulf 5.12.
B Berry oil spill not this year's only disaster 5.10.
E v Thadden Oelpest zum Anfassen 5.7.
R Kennedy sex, lies, and oil spills 5.6.
H Wasserman the triple curse of the corporate climate bill 5.3.
P Krugman drilling, disaster, denial 5.2.
C Pope drill baby drill -- or whoops, spill baby spill? 4.30.
J Hiskes worst week ever brought to you by the fossil industry 4.30.


unfortunately no links, since only for subscribers; very well-informed articles, worth reading. titles posted for the record...

Nation editorial "Earth to Congress"

Nation feature "climategate claptrap"
M Hertsgaard "don't believe the spin"
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L Salzman "an open letter to Bill McKibben"
H Rogers "carbon offset buyers beware"
S Kaplan "sapping the superfund's strength"
K Paik "US military's plans would devastate Guam's environment"


Claude Allegre L'imposture climatique (2010)
Ian McEwan Solar (2010)
...and blast from the past: Michael Crichton State of Fear (2004)


P Kingsnorth/D Hine the dark mountain manifesto (2010)