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climate findings

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Climate Progress: 2010 equals record for world's hottest year
WMO: no statistical difference among 1998, 2005, and 2010
NASA: 2010 tied for warmest year on record
NOAA: global climate now .62 C (1.12 F) above 20th century
NSINA: lowest December arctic sea ice on record ever

(climate denialists' "it's-the-sunspots-fault" falsified)
NASA: deepest solar minimum in nearly a century
... G Kopp a new lower value of solar irradiance
Geophys Res Let 38 L01706

flawed data analysis yes--but it's the other way around!)
New Scientist: MET office & Hadley underestimated rate of change


(why winters are colder on a hotter world. For now.)
V Petoukhov a link b/w reduced sea ice and cold winter extremes
J of Geophys Res 115 D21111
... "could cool down winters" PIK 16.11.2010

(global warming causes 40% decline in phytoplankton)
D Boyce global phytoplankton decline over the past century
Nature 466 (2010): 591-596
... "dead sea," Independent 29.7.2010
... "Nature stunner," Energy Bulletin 29.7.2010
... "plants in decline," Wall Street Journal (via ILP) 29.7.2010

(permafrost methane stores are destabilizing now)
N Shakhova extensive methane venting from Siberian sediments
Science 327 (2010): 1246-1250
... "Science stunner," Climate Progress 4.3.2010
..."venting highest in half million years," youtube 4.3.2010

(devastating droughts predicted even for moderate emissions)
A Dai drought under global warming: a review
(@ NCAR) Wiley Interdisc Rev Climate Change 2 (2011): 45-65
... see also S Solomon irreversible climate change now
PNAS 106 (2009) 1704-1709
... "2000s vs. 1950s drought," Climate Progress 11.3.2009
... "future droughts will be shockers," MSNBC 19.10.2010
... "extreme droughts," AFP 19.10.2010
... "world's populous areas," Reuters 19.10.2010

(oceans acidifying 1o times faster than at the last extinction)
A Rigwell past constraints on the vulnerability of marine calcifiers
Nature Geoscience 3 (2010): 196-200
... see also G Shaffer oxygen depletion in response to emissions
Nature Geoscience 2 (2009): 105-109
... "an ominous warning," Yale 360 15.2.2010
... "mass extinction" Climate Progress 18.2.2010

(sea levels may rise 3 times faster than IPCC estimated)
M Vermeer/S Rahmstorf global sea level linked to global temps
PNAS 106 51 (2009) 21527-21532
... see also R Nicholls sea-level rise and its possible impacts
Phil Trans R Soc A 369 (2011): 161-181
... see also R Nicholls sea level rise impact on coastal zones
Science 328 (2010): 1517-1520
... see also J Overpeck projections becoming more dire
PNAS 106 51 (2009) 21461-21462
... "large tracts will be underwater," Independent 8.12.2009

(current extinction rate far exceeds anything in fossil record)
discussion meeting issue biological diversity in a changing world
Trans R Soc B 365 (1558)
... "mass extinction inevitable," Climate Progress 9.10. 2010
... issue author: how we wrecked the oceans TED talk 2010

(drought drives decade-long decline in plant growth)
M Zhao reduction in global terrestrial net primary production
Science 329 (2010): 940-943
... "an ecological about-face," NASA press release 19.8.2010

(positive feedback loop! warming soils emit more CO2)
B Bond-Lamberty temps-associated increases in soil respiration
Nature 464 (2010): 579-582
...see also J Fang soils emitting more carbon dioxide
Nature online 10.1039/news.2010.147 24 3 2010
... see also K Karhu soil carbon fractions in boreal forest soil
Ecology 91 (2010)

(deadly temps for humans are now possible)
E Gardner future temperatures could exceed livable limits
Science Daily 5 5 2010
... see also S Sherwood adaptibility limit due to heat stress
PNAS 107 (2010): 9552-9555

(catastrophic climate change, +10 C in US, due in 50 years)
Met Office warns of catastrophic temp rise The Times 19.12.2008
Met Office warns of catastrophic warming Guardian 28.9.2009
... see also M.I.T. doubles its warming projection Climate Progress
... see also US Impacts Summary Global Change (US gov)


Generation Hot

as in: "all of this makes my daughter an involuntary member of what I call Generation Hot"

M Heertsgaard "Confronting Climate Cranks" Nation 7 Feb 2011

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