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climate january 2011

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Florida: freak summer storm batters Tampa Bay region 25 Jan
Maine: arctic blast sets cold record 24 Jan
New England: extreme cold 24 Jan
Tunisia: record food prices topple government (M Klare) Jan 24
China: crop warning over multiple droughts 24 Jan
Australia: more flee as floods move across southeast 24 Jan
Australia: Southeast set for another week of floods 23 Jan
Vietnam: harsh weather kills 10,000 cattle 21 Jan
US Midwest: deep freeze grips plains states 21 Jan
Australia: first burials as flood crisis deepens 19 JanNew England: more snow: northeast can't catch a break 18 Jan
Algeria: record food prices cause riots 18 Jan
Brazil: floodwaters, mudslides kill at least 700 18 Jan
South Africa: gov declares flood disaster 18 Jan
Brazil: floodwaters, mudslides kill at least 655 17 JanAustralia: floodwaters hit Victoria 16 Jan
Philippines: flash floods, mudslides kill at least 47 15 Jan
Brazil: floodwaters, mudslides kill at least 257 12 Jan
Australia: floodwaters peak in Brisbane 12 Jan
Illinois: major fish die-off on iced-up Lake Michigan 11 Jan
Australia: floods rage through Brisbane 11 Jan
Georgia: record snow in Atlanta and elsewhere 10 Jan
England: frigid seas kills 40,000 crabs off Dover coast 6 Jan
Australia: floodwaters surge near peak in Queensland 5 Jan
Australia: Great Barrier Reef under threat from dirty floods 5 JanFlorida: freezing temps cause fish die-off 4 Jan
China: gov warns of a 300-year desertification fight 4 Jan
India: farmers say climate change weakens Assam tea 31 Dec

UK report: urgent action needed to avert global hunger 24 Jan
steep oil prices, food shortages, more riots to come 23 JanNYT: for many species no escape as temperature rises 21 Jan
BBC: 2010 warmest year since records began 20 Janglobal food chain stretched to the limit 14 Jan
food bubble is bursting, and biotech won't save us 12 Jan
UN: world food prices at fresh high 5 Jan and 7 Jan and 17 Jan
US bumble bees in sharp decline 3 Jan
Climate Central: list of countries that set record highs 2010

USA: why the rich are getting richer Foreign Affairs Jan/Feb
USA: Obama's climate advisor to leave, to appease Repubs 25 JanUSA: climate skeptic misled Congress over oil funding 25 Jan
USA: Olberman departs, as US media consolidate further 22 Jan
USA: conservatives try to privatize college as tuition soars 22 Jan
USA: NM governor (R) violates constitution for polluters 20 Jan
USA (& abroad): full speed ahead on deepwater drilling 19 JanUSA: solar firms frustrated by permits 19 Jan
USA: JP Morgan profiteers from food stamps 19 Jan
USA: GOP presidential candidate H Cain is climate denier 19 Jan
USA: the myth of American exceptionalism implodes 18 JanUSA: torture in domestic "supermax" prisons 18 Jan
USA: the "new normal" of unemployment 15 Jan
USA: lack of money grounds NASA space flights 13 Jan
USA: deepening crisis traps American have-nots 9 Jan
USA: NYT editorial: failure in the Gulf 7 Jan
USA: the big Republican lie (with Democrats' help) 4 Jan
USA: Prof L Bell (U Houston) book on global warming "hoax" 1 Jan
USA: Republican politicians trash talking bicycles list of quotes


India plans Asia's first tidal power plant 18 Janbuilding bike infrastructure creaets more jobs 14 Jan
US solar panel maker moves to China 14 Jan
how China outguns the US on clean energy 12 Jan

Tianjin Eco-City future of urban development? 13 Jan
UNEP chief: silent momentum on climate change 10 Jan
J Hansen: the case for carbon tax 4 Jan

M Klare "rising commodity prices & extreme weather" 24 Jan
J C Centeno "cambio climático azota a Venezuela" 22 JanM Hertsgaard "confronting the climate cranks" 20 Jan
T Lohan "how global capitalism makes our lives worse" 16 Jan
C Mims "amidst giant snows, last year was hottest ever" 13 Janolder:
Achim Steiner (UNEP) climate science editorial 2010


NYT: cold jumps arctic 'fence,' stoking winter's fury 25 Jan

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