Sunday, April 25, 2010

Climate april II 2010

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Arctic boreal forests are browning 5.1.
Mississippi hit by 'enormous' tornado 4.25.
US monthly tornado frequency at decadal low 4.23.
Iceland volcano causes fall in CO2 emissions by halting flights 4.19.
Spain and Japan see birds stop migrating due to climate change 4.18.


Health: climate change intensifies allergies 4.16. and 4.14.
Oceans: a second garbage patch has formed, now in Atlantic 4.15.
... Atlantic garbage patch photos

Global warming monitoring needs to find missing oceanic heat 4.21.

(comparing old and new pics shows tundra growing bushes)
M. Sturm arctic plants feel the heat
Scientific American May 2010

(prepare for a drier world with infrequent torrential downpours)
G Stephens predictability of climate-related precipitation changes
Env Res Letters 5 (2010): 025209 (7pp)

(how a quiet sun can kink the jet stream)
M Lockwood are cold winters in Europe due to low solar activity?
Env Res Letters 5 (2010): 024001 (7pp)

(monsoons and megadroughts)
E Wahl toward understanding and predicting monsoon patterns
Science 328 (2010): 437-438

(it's time to study the trailing edges of shrinking forests)
C Matyas forecasts needed for retreating forests
Nature 464 (2010) 10.1038/4641271a

(why the poles heat up quickest: blame melting ice)
J Screen role of sea ice in recent Arctic temperature amplification
Nature 464 (2010): 1334-1337


US approves nation's first offshore wind farm 4.28.US key republican senator withdraws support for climate bill 4.25.
US climate rally on Washington mall 4.25.
US Greenpeace: climate bill hijacked by industry lobbyists 4.23.
... M Friedman on climate bill 4.25.Bolivia Evo Morales opens climate conference: "planet or death" 4.21.
US coal business is booming (Peabody Energy quarterly report) 4.21.
UK climate skeptic wins landmark data victory 4.20.
Canada waits for US to move on cap-n-trade plan 4.16.


NatureNews: hydrogen vehicles: fuel of the future? 4.28.
US Cape Cod tries to catch up with EU offshore wind projects 4.26.
Germany: hydrogen still in the eco-car race 4.18.
California: solar boom fueled by creative financing 4.16.
Denmark: hotel guest biking electric utilization 4.16.
US solar industry expanding, adds jobs 4.15.
Sweden: body heat electric utilization 4.15.


D Jackson wheel dividends: how Europe breaks car dependence 4.27.
J Watts all the tees in China: golf boom threatens rain forest 4.24.
A Goodman Cochabamba, the water wars, and climate change 4.20.
J Sabella Chicago violence and warm weather: the connection 4.20.
T Donovan seven things to do for Earth Day that actually matter 4.19.
D Esty climate change plan B 4.13.

UK interactive carbon calculator
350org at the Bolivia Climate summit (running blog)


B McKibben Eaarth and S Brand Ecopragmatist Manifesto

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Climate april I 2010

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Rhode Island record high temps help dry up flood 4.8.
US Northeast summer temps shatter records 4.8.New York record high temperature 4.7.
Philadelphia record high temperature 4.7.
Washington week-long heat wave 4.7.
South Carolina record high temperature 4.6.
Arctic cold snap causes late-season growth spurt 4.6.
Brazil's worst rains on record kill 95 in Rio 4.6.
New York approaches daily high temperature record 4.5.
Arctic sea ice melting season latest start on record 4.5. and 4.6.Aral See shrunk by ninety percent; is almost dried up 4.5.
Vermont record high temperature 4.3.N America Monarch butterflies now under siege 4.2.Florida winter was among coldest ever 4.2.
Rhode Island sewage plants overwhelmed by flooding 4.1.New England flooding drowns homes 3.31.Rhode Island battered, watches water rising 3.31.
Germany sees return of winter 3.31.
US East Coast record rain; Mass., R.I., Conn. emergency 3.30.US East Coast battered by record storms 3.30. and 3.30.
US East Coast gets near-record rains 3.29.
US hit by another cold snap 3.27.
US migrant birds are shrinking due to climate change 3.25.
Earth's sixth extinction event is now underway 4.9.
China blamed for SE Asian water shortage 4.1.
Arctic changes: the big picture (3 min video) 3.31.
Africa: how food and water are driving the 21st C land grab 3.7.

US forecasters see increased 2010 hurricane threat 4.7.
US Northeast will see more, fiercer rain storms 4.5.
Arctic thaw frees overlooked greenhouse gas 4.4.
Arctic thaw more warming worries: methane 4.4.
US the future of freezing 4.1.Nature launches publication of Nature: Climate Change journal 3.31.
Cambodian Angkhor civilization collapsed due to climate 3.30.
UK climategate (sic!) scientist P Jones, East Anglia, exonerated 3.30.
climate & meat eating & driving confusion/connection 3.27.
Gravity matters! Global sea level rise will vary by region 3.25.
CO2 domes over cities increase health risks 3.16.

(climate, biodiversity, nitrogen: quantifiable sustainability limits)
J Foley boundaries for a healthy planet
Scientific American (Apr 2010): 55-60

(wind patterns account for 1/3 of polar cap changes)
M Ogi influence of wind anomalies on summer sea ice extent
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (2010): L07701

(geoengineering insolation reduction won't lower sea level rise)
S Jevrejeva how will sea levels respond to forcings by 2100?
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (2010): L07703

(quiet sun won't cool us down enough--temps will go up anyway)
G Feulner on the climate effect of a new minimum of solar activity
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (2010): L05707

(if abrupt cold 12 kya perhaps due to impact, we'll find nitrates)
A Carlson what caused the younger dryas cold event?
Geology 38 (2010): 383-384

(monster rains are now more frequent)
P Gorman current changes in tropical precipitation
Environmental Research Letters 5 (2010): 025205

(if you think seas will only go up 1-2 meters, dream on)
S Rahmstorf a new view on sea level rise
Nature Reports Climate Change 4.6. doi 10.1038

(S Korea and China, not U.S., are world leaders in green spending)
E Barbier how is the global green new deal going?
Nature 464 (2010): doi: 10.1038/464832a

(if it snows less in E Antarctica, it'll rain more in W Australia e.v.v.)
T van Ommen Antarctica snow increase tied to Australian drought
Nature Geoscience 3 (2010): 267-277


Mexico: from Copenhagen to Cancun 4.12.
Germany: from Copenhagen to Bonn 4.9.Bolivia prepares alternative climate conference 4.12.
... Bolivia summit blog
France scientists ask minister to disavow predecessor's book 4.9.Canada's do-nothing climate policy 4.6.
US new fuel efficiency standards announced 4.1. and 4.1.
Arab nations lag behind in climate action 4.1.
UN doesn't expect climate deal until 2011 3.31.
US permits offshore drilling Delaware to Florida & Alaska 3.31.
US-French action on climate? 3.30.
US Interior Dept to decide on Alaska offshore drilling 3.30.
US EPA weighs hidden costs of carbon 3.30.Greenpeace unmasks Koch Industry's funding of climate denial 3.30.
US Obama gives fed agriculture post to corp Monsanto man 3.29.
US Obama high speed rail money allocated too little too late 3.17.

Europe finds cleaner energy in trash, but US lags 4.12.
US wind energy growing in blue and red states alike 4.12.
US everything you need to know about new fuel economy rules 4.1.
McDonalds scraps composting b/c food won't decompose April 1!
Earth Hour 3.27.

editors the clouds of unknowing The Economist 4.13.
leader spin, science, and climate change The Economist 4.13.
B. Chameides much ado about arctic sea ice? 4.12.
A. Lappe diet for a hot planet (review) 4.6.
P. Hawkens commencement address Portland University 4.5.
D. Goldberg do Americans really make the connection? 4.1.
M. Klare is the world's resource map tilting east? 4.1.
M. Gaworecki wanted: climate denial kingpins 3.31.
J. Buell humans, climate change 3.30.
C. Hedges is America yearning for fascism? 3.29.
J. Lovelock humans too stoopid to prevent climate change 3.29.
... at the Guardian link ... more ...
J. Boardman (Amtrak CEO) passenger rail essential for climate 3.29.
T. Dickinson the climate killers 1.6.

new blog/journal site The Daily Green


A. Bolt, meteorologist, Herald Sun, Melbourne 4.1.


Full comprehension of [the] interconnected [climate science literacy] concepts will require a systems-thinking approach, meaning the ability to understand complex interconnections among all of the components of the climate system.

from entry on climate literacy added to Encyclopedia of Earth


"greenhouse extinction"
... from P. D. Ward, Under a Green Sky: global warming, the mass extinctions of the past, and what they tell us about the future (NY: Harper, 2008)