Saturday, December 7, 2013

Civil Evolution

The pope meeting with anti-fracking activists in Argentina. The pope has earned some new friends as of late....

Typhoon Haiyan’s Deadly Surge Noted in Warsaw Talks: As the COP 19 discussions were being held, the Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines. This article talks about the impact it had on those discussions.

COP 19 Warsaw Wrap-Up: Where Does a Global Climate Deal Stand? This article briefly explains the events of the COP 19.

Sen. Sanders: 'Global Warming a Far More Serious Problem Than Al Qaeda This statement might seem obvious to those who understand the risks associated with climate change, but it is rarely stated in terms like this by politicians. The full interview can be viewed here, via Playboy.

Texas emerges as unlikely leader on wind power: When I think of Texas I think of boots, belt buckles, and cattle. It seems as if we should add wind power to the list. As oil wells dry up the state is looking for other options, and they are betting on the wind.

Norway’s Billions Could Go Into Renewables Norway is sitting on a pile of cash worth over $750 billion and it appears as if investing heavily in renewables is on the table. The results of this investment could be a game changer.

New Coal-Fired Plants Ban To Take Place In Beijing, Shanghai And Guangzhou China: The air quality in China is know to be at dangerously poor levels. This is one of the first official announcements limiting coal power in such a broad way, as an attempt to improve the situation.

Upcycling at its finest: Upcycling is taking something of low value, and making it into something more valuable. This is an alternative to throwing something away, or recycling, a sneak preview of the future.

Financial Pressure Grows on Fossil Fuel Industry: As science on climate begins to converge with divestment and other anti-fossil fuel initiatives, companies heavily invested in fossil fuels are beginning to receive questions about their long term viability. The "sure bet" of coal and oil may start to be more of a gamble

Climate science lawyers up: As the climate reality sinks in, those in favor of the "Business as Usual" model are using legal tactics to harass climate scientists. In response scientists are learning to defend themselves from this emergent tactic of denialists.

Bringing Back the Night: A Fight Against Light Pollution: Light pollution is something often ignored due to more pressing environmental concerns. however, it is also very easy to remedy. Mandating "lights out" after night will make cities greener and bring back that "starry sky above."