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climate december 2010

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Panama: floods cause closing of Panama canal 12.24.
Australia: white Christmas, blast of winter, in mid-summer 12.21.
Colorado: worst avalanche danger in state history 12.22.
California: atmospheric river of rain 12.22.
California: devastation, floods, and mudflows 12.23.
California: rain shatters records, more on the way 12.20.
California: mountains face crushing snowfall 12.19.
US Northeast: brutal cold, record snow 12.15.
Florida: cold damages tropical fish industry 12.14.
US Midwest: giant snowstorm 12.13.Britain: century blizzard 12.16.
Britain: coldest December since records began 12.18.
Britain/France: snow, ice cripple Eurostar 12.18.
Europe: winter paralyzes European travel 12.19.
Venezuela: flood-stricken country gets help from Mexico 12.18.Colombia: record-breaking rainfall paralyzes country 12.16.


freak diversion of jet stream 12.22.
freak blocking pattern over Greenland 12.20.
2010's world gone wild 12.19.more cold and snowy winters to come 11.6.2010 hottest climate year on record, NASA says 12.10.
RealClimate: cold winter in world of warming 12.14.
PIK Potsdam: global warming cools down temps in winter 11.16.

US: Der Spiegel: "Obama was biggest loser of 2010" 12.23.
US: hunger and homelessness stalk US cities 12.20.
US: (scr)AmTrack -- tips on how to survive failing trains
US: 40 percent of Americans still believe in creationism 12.20.
US: gov smear campaign against Michael Moore 12.23.
US: Obama decides to keep KZ Guantanamo open 12.22.
US: P. Krugman: "when zombies win" 12.19.
US: news black-out on vets chained to White House fence 12.18.
US: the religous fight against environmentalism 12.17.
US: rare earth shortages 12.15.
US: Florida stops high speed rail plan 12.15.
US: Fox bureau chief tells reporters be skeptical of climate 12.15.
US: is Karl Rove behind Julian Assange's prosecution? 12.14.US: Joe Bageant: "are you Americans so dumb?" 12.7.
US: top 25 censored news stories 9.15.
US Department of Defense worst polluter on the planet 9.15.
US: prisoners still brutalized at KZ Guantanamo Bay 9.15.


Agence France-Presse: cold driven by global warming 12.22.
China wins on wind power, writes its own rules now 12.15.
B McKibben: everything is negotiable, except with Nature 12.16.Emmanuel Guerin on COP-16 Cancun 12.14.
The Economist: Cancun, a surprising success 12.11.


... a US-centric list from Climate Central's top 10 climate events

1. Mid-Atlantic cities break all-time snowfall records
2. flooding in Nashville, Tenn.
3. record-breaking heat waves, droughts in Africa, Middle East
4. Russian heat wave
5. US summer heat waves
6. Pakistan monsoon and flooding
7. third lowest Arctic sea ice extent
8. Lake Mead record low
9. Amazon drought
10. final annual temperature ranking

I would add 11. Mongolia record winter destroys lifestock

... the monthly ticker in Climate Central's top 5 climate events
Jan: fourth warmest January on record
Feb: Snowmageddon hits American Northeast
Mar: end of coldest US winter in 25 years
Mar: end of warmest Canadian winter on record
Apr: record storms strike Miss., Alab., Ark.
Apr: warmest April on record
May: El Nino ends
May: storm Agatha devastates Guatemala
June: extreme heat waves in Africa, Middle East, East Asia
July: La Nina starts
July: Russian heat waves, giant wildfires
July: giant chunk of ice breaks off Petermann glacier Greenland
Aug: freak monsoon, giant floods in Pakistan
Sep: hottest day in LA city's history
Oct: strongest ever storm tropical hurricane hits Great Lakes
Nov: warmest or second warmest November on record


USA: EPA moves to limit GHG emissions 12.24.

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