Sunday, March 4, 2012

climate march 2012


"There's No Tomorrow"
animated video(35 min)
by Dermot O'Connor 2012
at idleworm

Global Temperature Evolution 1979-2010 edition

"This is the true global warming signal."  Foster/Rahmstorf 2012


"The close agreement between all five adjusted data sets suggests that it is meaningful to average them in order to produce a composite record of planetary warming.  Annual averages of the result are shown in figure 8.  This is the true global warming signal."

G Foster, S Rahmstorf
"Global temperature evolution 1979-2010"
Environmental Research Letters 6 (2011): 6 DOI

"If you take climate change seriously, you have to throw out the free-market playbook."

N Klein, interview, CD 29 Feb 2012


T Friedman pass the books. hold the oil.  NYT 11 Mar 2012
D Suzuki deny deniers their right to deny! HuffPost 9 Mar 2012
F Vahrenholt hier irren die klimapaepste Zeit 6 Mar 2012
N Klein throw out the free-market playbook CD 29 Feb 2012
B Watson growth myth leads to meltdown CD 20 Feb 2012
M Mann battle-hardened by the climate wars Slate 17 Feb 2012
Op-Ed a terrible transportation bill NYT 8 Feb 2012
D Bocking why growth is disreputable Spiegel 27 Jan 2012
G Lakey how swedes broke the 1 percent CD 26 Jan 2012
E Negin it's climate change, stupid HuffPost 23 Jan 2012
N Klein to conservatives, CC is a Trojan Horse Nation 2011
M Moore the winter of our occupation CD 2011


US Northeast, Midwest see record high temps 12 Mar 2012
UK anti-Green rollback begins 12 Mar 2012
Australia floods inundate New South Wales 5 Mar 2012
US Midwest storms devastate five states 5 Mar 2012
Spain wilts in driest winter for 70 years 4 Mar 2012
Thailand floods force record economic contraction 20 Feb 2012
Canada's government is muzzling its scientists 18 Feb 2012
Romania military helps frozen towns 13 Feb 2012
USA peak everything--why everything costs more 13 Feb 2012
Italy snow falls in Rome 3 Feb 2012
US Repubs step up attacks on green agenda 2 Feb 2012
Europe cold spell continues, death toll rises 2 Feb 2012
China man-made pollution visible from space 1 Feb 2012
Mexico severe drought strikes country 31 Jan 2012
Alaska all time coldest record nearly broken 30 Jan 2012
USA new federal planting map reflects warming 25 Jan 2012
USA conservatives attack climate in schools 26 Jan 2012
Netherlands life in tidal houses 12 Jan 2012
USA climate change gets less media coverage 4 Jan 2012
USA PBS links extreme weather to climate 1 Jan 2012
Arctic whales benefit from the new polar warmth 2011
Germany autobahn to be covered with giant park 2011


2011 updates to model-data comparisons
G Schmidt, Real Climate 8 Feb 2012

conservativism thrives on low intelligence and poor info
G Monbiot, Guardian 12 Feb 2012

the Anglophone geography of denial (in German)
M Klingst, "Leugnen und verschleiern," Zeit 9 Feb 2012

scientists: arctic melting leading to Europe's freeze
CD 5 Feb 2012

global warming also to blame for Europe's cold spell (German)
N Reimer, "Erderwaermung mit schuld an Europas Eiseskaelte"
Zeit 3 Feb 2012

leaked data: some biofuels worse than fossil fuels
CD 27 Jan 2012

impact of sea ice cover changes on the NH atmo winter circulation 
R Jaiser et al, Tellus 64 (2012) 2 Jan 2012


Indonesia: concrete balls against train surfers (German)
Spiegel 25 Jan 2012


J Speth America Number One at the BOTTOM Orion 1 Mar 2012


Op-Ed no need to panic about global warming WSJ 26 Jan 2012

D Rose forget global warming Daily Mail 29 Jan 2012


climate wars
Slate, 17 Feb 2012


we have fifty-seven months left.