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blood stain from suicide in Athens thanks to capitalism 

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The longer the political elite--whether in Washington or Paris, whether socialist or right-wing, whether Democrat or Republican--ignore the breakdown of globalization, refuse to respond rationally to the climate crisis, and continue to serve the iron tyranny of global finance, the more it will shred the possibility of political consensus, erode the effectiveness of our political institutions, and empower right-wing extremists.

C Hedges the globalization of hollow politics CD 23 Apr 2012

The contiguous United States experienced the warmest March ever in the warmest start of the year ever in the warmest 12-month period ever, according to new data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

CD staff record warm March temps continue CD 9 Apr 2012

There is currently no tax on carbon or even any pressure to live and act responsibly in the US.

Jason Mraz global warming is a now event HP 28 Apr 2012

CLIMATE ART video Things Happen


R Solnit American Dystopia: the 2012 Hunger Games CD 1 May
D Korten a plea for Rio+20: don't commodify Nature CD 25 Apr
C Hedges the globalization of hollow politics CD 23 Apr 2012
R Koehler when we grow up, we'll fall in love w Earth CD 19 Apr
J McWilliams the myth of sustainable meat NYT 12 Apr 2012
P Krugman cannibalize the future NYT 12 Apr 2012
J Walljasper biking boom benefits everyone CD 3 Apr
R Koehler war crimes and the myth of 'bad apples' CD 22 Mar
M T Klare our new 'tough oil' world Nation 13 Mar 2012


US: Alabama suffers monster tornado (pics) BF 27 Apr 2012
US: powerful cold storm targets Northeast accuweather 23 Apr
EU: Asian tiger mosquito moves to the north Zeit 24 Apr 2012
Greenland may slip-slide due to surface lake melting SD 16 Apr
US: tornadoes rip through Midwest (pics)  yahoo 15 Apr (text)
US: record warm March temperatures continue CD 9 Apr 2012
US: Alaska snowfall record reuters 8 Apr 2012
See: Alge trotzt Klimawandel mit rasanter Evolution Spieg 8 Apr
EU: Matterhorn crumbling in face of climate change CD 4 Apr
US: dolphins pay heavy price for Deepwater spill Guard 31 Mar
US: 1 conservative makes news, supports electric cars HP 31 Mar
US: Oel schaedigt Korallen in der Tiefe Spiegel 27 Mar 2012
US gov proposes first carbon limits for plants reuters 27 Mar
U.S. inches towards energy independence NYT 23 Mar 2012
Elektroraeder erobern juengere Kundschaft Zeit 21 Mar 2012
U.S. South: floods feared after storms hit Time 20 Mar 2012
U.S. record temperatures soar, highs continue 20 Mar 2012
US: record tornadoes hit Dallas/Ft Worth 12 Mar 2012 (pics)
UK: after two dry winters, spring hosepipe ban Guard 12 Mar


(ESA's cryosat is now in orbit & at work)
ESA Cryosat website
... Satellit liefert erstmals genaue Daten zum Eis Zeit 24 Apr

(the cognition of the American disenlightenment)
book review: the science of science denial Kos 15 Apr

(heat & humidity --> fungus!)
Emerging fungal thrats to animal, plant and ecosystem health
M Fisher et al Nature 484 (2012): 186-194 12 Apr
... fungus threat escalates for food, wildlife yahoo 11 Apr

(Greenland ice sheet more sensitive than thought)
Multistability and critical thresholds of the Greenland ice sheet
 A Robinson et al, Nature Climate Change 11 Mar 2012
... Groenland-Eis koennte komplett abschmelzen Spiegel  12 Mar

(Tree-ring reconstructions are tricky when trees don't grow)
Underestimation of volcanic cooling in tree-ring based reconstructions
M Mann et al Nature Geoscience 4 (2012): 202-205 5 Feb 2012

(Climate simulations allow weather-link only in the extreme)
Wetterextreme lassen sich global nicht mitteln
T Stocker IPCC interview Die Zeit 29 Mar 2012

(but then again, they DO allow links to extreme weather)
climate change causing extreme weather: IPCC Xinhua 29 Mar
Extremwetter traegt Handschrift des Menschen Spiegel 29 Mar

(We may already have passed the tipping points)
Planet under pressure declaration
... Planet near irreversible point of warming CD 27 Mar 2012
... Planet is in critical state SciDev Net 20 Mar 2012

the geological record of ocean acidification
B Hoenisch et al Science 335 (2012): 1058-1063 2 Mar
... ocean acidification rate may be unprecedented Xinhua 1 Mar


E Brown how Goldman captured Europe CD 18 Apr
S Pizzigati pothole nation CD 16 April 2012
M Niman, post peak oil economy AN 15 Apr 2012
M Krugman Europe's economic suicide NYT 15 Apr 2012
M Klare the new Third World of Energy, the US CD 2 Apr
J Kunstler the fantasy of energy independence CFN 2 Apr 2012
D Orlov trained for success, bred to be eaten COrlov 26 Mar 2012
M Cha Tar Sands: TransCanada wins, Earth loses CD 21 Mar 2012
M Fraser how austerity destroyed our small towns Alternet 12 Mar


IPCC 2012 SREX Special Report: 
Managing the risks of extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation (SREX)
IPCC pdf homepage -- summary 20 p; report 594 p.
... Weltklimarat-Bericht liegt vor Die Zeit 29 Mar 2012
... Mumbai, Miami on list for weather disasters yahoo 28 Mar 


US: pothole nation 16 Apr 2012
US: 6 scary extreme energy sources being tapped now15 Apr 2012
US: OMG! Weatherman blames tornadoes on c-change! 4 Apr
US: a very sick country CD 2 Apr 2012
Africa aid being outweighed by costs of oil imports Guard 1 Apr 
Bush's hometown runs out of water thanks to climate grist 30 Mar
how cities fail their cyclists in different ways Guard 30 Mar 2012
conservatives losing trust in science, study finds yahoo 29 Mar
big shock: conservatives' belief in science plummets Kos 29 Mar
the war on teachers WP 13 Mar


Noam Chomsky: Mayday HuffPo 30 Apr 2012
Study: earning $50k = happiness tipping point Time 19 Apr 2012
California solar energy bill HuffPo 17 Apr 2012
Sonnenstrom ist rot Zeit 12 Apr 2012
GM pulls funding from denialist Heartland institute Guard 30 Mar
China explores possibilities of low-carbon future Xinhua 13 Mar 
Vietnam announces nat'l strategy on climate change Xinhua 7 Mar
Subventionen fuer Solartechnik gekuerzt Zeit 1 Mar 2012


The Mad Hun's word on loan from Bavaria

the tough oil world
Michael T. Klare

Heike Buchter in Die Zeit 29 Mar 2012


We have fifty-five months left.