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climate findings

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"climate change is a phenomenon that is relevant, in principle, to all research disciplines. (...) And for the first time ... the journal is explicitly set up to include the social sciences within its remit ... to help us to penetrate territory that lies beyond our traditional zones of engagement."

journal launch: welcome Nature Climate Change
editorial 31 March 2011
Nature 471 (2011): 548

"Lenton and Watson's Earth--shaped by life, an escapee of close calls and again on a perilous course in the wake of biological innovation--is a similarly novel depiction.  The Copernican revolution had no direct effect on people's everyday lives, but it ushered in a new era of self-consciousness.  Perceiving Earth as a complex system of co-evolution similarly alters our outlook"

review of Lenton/Watson 2011
Nature 470 (2011): 460-461 (Lucht)


(2010 Russia drought reduced wheat harvest by 33%) 
regional drought has global impact
Nature 472 (2011): 169 (Sternberg)

(Should Africa prepare for floods or droughts?)
Africa needs climate data to fight disease
Nature 471 (2011): 440-442 (Thompson &al.)

(sea level rise is result of complex causes;
from now on North polar melt surpasses all other drivers)
geophysics: faster ice melt, higher sea levels
Nature 471 (2011): 268 (staff)
... acceleration of the contribution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets to sea level rise
Geophys. Res. Lett. 38 (2011): L05502 (Rignot &al.)

(black carbon main driver for Himalaya glacier melt)
climate modeling: melting of the Third Pole
Nature 471 (2011): 413 (staff)
... sensitivity studies on the impacts of Tibetan Plateau snowpack pollution on the Asian hydrological cycle and monsoon climate
Atmos. Chem. Phys. 11 (2011): 1929-1948 (Qian &al.) 

(China, largest wheat producer, now imports grain)
China's water crisis needs more than words
Nature 470 (2011): 307 (Yu)


(Q: why cold winters on hot planet? A: upstream cooling)
cold winters from warm oceans
Nature 471 (2011): 584-586 (Boos)
... winter cold of eastern continental boundaries induced by warm ocean waters
Nature 471 (2011): 621-624 (Kaspi, Schneider)

(overall positive climate forcing by black carbon)
global warming: the soot factor
Nature 471 (2011): 456-457 (Quaas)
... see also above, Consequences: Third Pole

(history of American southwest shows hydrological variability)
climate change: old droughts in New Mexico
Nature 470 (2011): 472-472 (Williams)
... extended megadroughts in the southwestern US during Pleistocene interglacials
Nature 470 (2011): 518-521 (Fawcett &al.)


(global warming => severe cold streaks)
climate change: cold spells in a warm world
Nature 472 (2011): 139 (staff)
...  cold snaps will persist in warming world
yahoo/Live Science/Amazing Planet 13 Apr 2011
... persisting cold extremes under 21st C warming scenarios
Geophys. Res. Lett. (2011) in press (Kodra, Ganguly et al.)

(climate change => more pollen)
more sneezing in a warmer world
Nature 471 (2011): 8 (staff)
... recent warming by latitude associated with increased length of  ragweed pollen season in central North America
PNAS 108 (2011): 4248-4251 (Ziska &al.)


(forget nukes; wind is just plain better)
government must pay for clean-energy innovation
Nature 472 (2011): 137 (Hoffert)
(... but we'll still need them for a while)
do not phase out nuclear power--yet
Nature 471 (2011): 411 (Ferguson)

(biggest-ever forest protection up in the air)
Canadian forest deal at risk
Nature 471 (2011): 560  (Pala)

(juggling heat & pressure for deep CO2 sequestration)
some implications of cold CO2 injection into deep saline aquifers 
Geophys. Res. Lett. 38 (2011): L06407

(mid-course corrections necessary for REDD)
cash alone will not slow forest carbon emissions
Nature 471 (2011): 267 (White)

(review of T Flannery's Here on Earth 2011;
hoping for a human-Gaia cooperative future)
Earth systems: the biosphere rebooted
Nature 471 (2011): 303-304 (Benton)

(PRC premier Wen announces five year plan; goals:
1. increase energy efficiency
2. curb carbon emissions
3. reduce economic growth)
China unveils green targets
Nature 471 (2011): 149 (Qiu) 
... five year planning: goals for 2015  
Nature 471 (2011): 149 figures
(in retrospect, new five year plan in line with targets)
... China's climate target: is it achievable?
Nature 462 (2009): 550-551 (Qiu)  


(more species = cleaner drinking water)
biodiversity improves water quality through niche partitioning
Nature 472 (2011): 86-89 (Cardinale)


("Nature" on the American Disenlightenment)
into ignorance (editorial)
Nature 471 (2011): 265-266

(Google fellow Dessler to spread the word--Q&A)
turning point: Andrew Dessler
Nature 471 (2011): 257 (Gewin)

(if you still need proof Lovelock wins: here it is--review of Lenton/Watson "Revolutions that Made the Earth" 2011)
Earth systems: shaped by life
Nature 470 (2011): 460-461 (Lucht; see quote above)


(first place: methane hydrate release now unstoppable)
rising Arctic Ocean temperatures cause gas hydrate destabilization and ocean acidification
Geophys. Res. Lett. 38 (2011): L08602 (Biastoch &al.)

(second place: the savannah conversion has started)
widespread decline in greenness of Amazonian vegetation due to the 2010 drought
Geophys. Res. Lett. 38 (2011): L07402 (Xu &al.)

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