Monday, June 14, 2010

Climate june 2010

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New Text Unbalanced and Kyoto Negotiations Stalled
Climate Negotiations at Risk

BONN, Germany - Today at the UN climate negotiations in Bonn, countries responded to a new draft text document released late Thursday night.

At a press conference held by NGOs from across the world in response to the new text and developments in the Kyoto Protocl negotiations, Martin Khor, Director of the South Centre, an intergovernmental think-tank of developing countries, said:

"The text has become even more imbalanced towards developed country interests. It leaves out many important points that the old text included. This affects the balance. This text removes the equity principle from the most important elements of the climate regime. It is a step backward."

Antje von Broock a climate campaigner with Friends of the Earth added:

"This new text is an invitation for the European Union to show leadership again on climate. This text shows a real drift away from the principles, values and rules of the agreed international climate change legal framework. Developing countries have been clear on how that drift can stop: a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. That's not in the text. Friends of the Earth is asking the EU to put it there and reclaim the mantle of 'climate leader."

Mohamed Adow, program officer at Christian Aid said:

"Developed countries have a two faced approach to the Kyoto Protocol and are condemning it to death. This text reflects a real imbalance, there is no room for concerns about equity or justice. If negotiations continue in this direction there will be no international climate law worth talking about and that would condemn millions of people, particularly in Africa, to unsurvivable food and water shortages."

Raman Mehta, of Action Aid (India) said:

"The suspension of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations today by Japan and Russia is a real threat to the lives of the poor and vulnerable. They are clearly acting in concert with the US, which continues to reject the need for substantially legal binding emission cuts. Without those binding cuts millions of people in the developing world will suffer a climate catastrophe that they have not caused. The US must stop undermining the Kyoto Protocol and the EU must bring Russia and Japan into a new commitment period with strong, effective, just and science-based emission cuts."
BP liews about amount of spill 6.08
Obama insists BP stay in charge 5.27
BP uses dispersants 5.20Obama finally claims responsibility...6.08

washing carbon out of the air 6.11


Germany torrential rains cause nationwide alert 6.04
Poland freak flood kills 21 people 5.29
Hungary a month of continuous rainfall 6.05
India heatwave kills hundreds 5.30
Korea biggest snowfall in modern history 6.01
China floods kill 53 in the south 6.05
China 9 more people die from landslide 6.14
West Africa and Ghana face 100 year drought 4.20
Guatemala over 100 people die in flood and landslide 6.02

UN says eating less meet can curb climate change 6.02China 'not very optimistic' on lowering carbon emissions 6.03