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climate april 2011

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Europe prays for rain in century drought 22.4.
Texas governor R Perry (R) prays for rain 21.4. 
Chicago lowest temps since 1940s 20.4.
US largest tornado outbreak in history 19.4.
China violent storms kill 18 in Guangdong 18.4.
US violent storms kill 44 in the South 17.4.
North Carolina worst hit by extreme storms 17.4., 20.4.
Chicago record-setting snowstorm 17.4.
Mexico massive wildfires in Coahuila 16.4. (pic)
Somalia drought hits villagers and refugees 15.4.
Ark., Okla., Ala. extreme storms 15.4., 17.4.
US Southwest drought grows more severe 14.4.
Cuba suffering from severe drought 14.4.
Colombia flood, mudslide engulfs bus 14.4.
N-Dakota, Minnesota floods 12.4. and 11.4.
Texas drought 'extreme,' 'exceptional' 11.4., 14.4.
Wisconsin record-breaking tornadoes 11.4.
Iowa town ravaged by tornado 10.4.
Germany car accidents due to sand (!) storm 9.4., 8.4.
Oklahoma sees driest four months since 1921 6.4., 6.4.
North Korea lost 50-80 percent of winter crops 3.25.
Syria drought, factor in unrest, worsens 1.4.


the growing food crisis 4.23. 
the growing oil crisis 4.23.
food prices: World Bank warns millions face poverty 14.4.
markets: American faith in capitalism falls sharply 6.4. 
fish stocks: global fish consumption hits record high 1.2.


Southern Hemisphere more rain b/c of Ozone hole 21.4.
impact of Polar Ozone depletion on subtropical precipitation
Science 21 April 2011: 1202131 (Kang &al.)


fact-check on GOP claims about climate change, EPA 22.4.
NYT editorial: how not to plan for a future 20.4.
income of 400 US oligarchs quadruples in 12 years  18.4.
the new Republican landscape 17.4.
OECD study: US high on prisons, low on pensions 17.4. 
... OECD: Society at a Glance 2011 Social Indicators (click
Nature editorial: into ignorance 16.4.
US food quality I: 47% of supermarket meat infected 15.4.
Rep. Crowley (D-NY) 'speechless' about GOP policies 14.4.
US teens, taught by media, look favorably on torture13.4.
high-speed rail budget cut by $1.5 bill; $1 bill left 11.4.
why the US is destroying its education system 11.4.
House of Rep approves Anti-EPA bill despite Senate 8.4.
GOP quarrel over ethanol 7.4.
House of Rep full committee hearing--climate change  31.3.
US food quality II: the "pink slime" meat filler 5.1.


UK prosecutor tells convicted protesters to appeal 18.4.
US GHG drop to 15 year low 18.4.
US powershift 2011 17.4.
US climate change case headed to Supreme Court 17.4.
... NYT editorial: the court and global warming 18.4.
California sets nation's highest renewable power goals 12.4.
US powershift 2011 12.4. (official site)
China tells US to quit as human rights judge 10.4.
Latin America shakes off US imperialist yoke 9.4.
Germany: die Aschenbroedel-Wirtschaft 8.4.


eight railroad innovations 20.4.
Texas Notrees largest wind energy storage system 15.4.
challenges for REDD as forest conservation plan 14.4.
California Ivanpah XL-large solar plant financing now OK 14.4.
shale gas as dirty as oil, coal for warming 12.4.
US GOP EPA ban rejected by Senate Dems 6.4.
UK Royal Society debate geoengineering 4.4.


A Lowrey the great global freakout of 2011 23.4.
F Drieschner der himmel ueber dem AKW 22.4.
N Chomsky is the world too big to fail? 21.4.
M Morford please step away from fear 20.4.
B McKibben 2011 powershift speech 18.4. 
G Houser: the climate youth will lead (not Al Gore) 17.4.
M Winship: harry potter and the network of neutrality 16.4.
B McKibben: what if your Prez's just not that into you? 15.4.
A Revkin: climate, communication, and the 'Nerd Loop' 14.4.
M Klare: the planet strikes back 14.4.
T Flannery interview with BBC 13.4.
A Gupta: beyond the mantra of a middle class 12.4.
J Sachs the people's budget 8.4.


season creep
from: Wash Post plant's earlier bloom times 8.4.

stuck on stupid
from: Van Jones at powershift 2011 16.4.


secret memos expose war for oil link 19.4.


sixty-eight months left.

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