Tuesday, December 14, 2010

climate november III 2010

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Northern Europe: lethally cold weather 12.1. and 12.2.
Germany: snow, ice, record cold in Berlin 12.3.
England: deep freeze 12.5. and 12.9.Scotland: deep freeze 12.6.
Pakistan: floodwaters still remain 12.9. and 12.11.
France: deep freeze 12.9. and record snow 12.9.
Minnesota: record snow collapses metrodome 12.12.


UK MET: crop failures, droughts within our kids' lifetimes 11.30.
UN WMO: scorching heat soon routine 11.30.
UK Tyndall Center: sharpest portrait of future to date 12.2.
UN FAO: food security wanes as world warms 12.5.
UK MET: threat to tropical forests 'greater than suspected' 12.6.


EU: disaster capitalism comes to Ireland 12.1.
US: why Europeans think we're insane 12.1.US: Pelosi climate panel dies in Republican sweep of House 12.1.
US: climate-science critic wants to lead House climate panel 12.1.
US: Arizona cuts Medicaid for organ transplants 12.6.
US: Al Gore's climate group shrinking 12.6.
US: climate skeptics take House chairs on energy, science 12.6.
US: A McCoy: decline and fall of the American empire 12.5.
US/WikiLeaks: at COP-15 Copenhagen US, PRC culprits 12.7.
US: Tom Friedman: still digging 12.7.
US: study: top homebuilders fall short on green features 12.7.
US: economics education largely ignores climate change 12.7.
US: House blocks closing of Gitmo concentration camp 12.8.
US: Europeans criticize fierce US response to leaks 12.9.
US: no high-speed rail funds for states that don't want it 12.9.
US: Republicans block health aid for 9/11 workers 12.10.


US: Wikileaks reveals how US manipulated climate accord 12.3.


China completes track for world's longest high speed line 11.15.
China Shanghai-Beijing train 417kmh/260mph speed record 12.3.
China 380kmh/236mph Wuhan-Guangzhou train starts 12.4.
Venezuela's Chavez blames capitalism for deluges 12.5.
UN climate change talks in Cancun agree a deal 12.11.
UK: Cameron praises Cancun's new climate deal 12.11.
... and H Rosling's visualized data on world development youtube


Cancun: scientists call for rationing in developed world 11.30.
India proposes way to monitor carbon pollution reductions 12.3.
Ocean-going ships to get energy efficiency ratings 12.5.
Russia will not renew Kyoto protocol 12.10.

The Economist: facing the consequences 11.25.
The Economist: how to live with climate change 11.25.
Babbage: after climategate and Copenhagen 11.28.
A Revkin: coal trends still rule climate talks 11.29.
Bolivia assails rich, carbon market at Cancun talks 11.30.
Cancun climate change summit: week one in pictures 12.3.T. Athanasiou: the Cancun setup 11.30.
UN assures that rich won't force agreements on poor 12.5.
Der Spiegel: Wut ueber ein unmoralisches Angebot 12.7.
A Goodman: Cancun, climate change, and WikiLeaks 12.8.
M Stephen: countries least responsible are most threatened 12.8.
UK's Huhne: Cancun talks risk becoming car crash 12.9.
L Carlsen: cloistered climate talks 12.10.
Cancun--how Africa's voice has been hijacked 12.10.
Cancun climate change summit: the final day 12.10.M McCarthy: it's chaos in Cancun 12.10.
J Redman: Cancun--can we avert climate chaos? 12.10.
Spiegel: Klimapolitiker feiern Cancun-Kompromiss 12.11.
NYT: climate talks end with modest deal on emissions 12.12.
G Wynn: climate talks might need a profit motive 12.12.
Cancun--a surprising success 12.11.

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