Saturday, September 3, 2011

climate september 2011

US Drought Monitor current conditions
 "Obama lost his chance for a spot on Mount Rushmore by not addressing the moral issue of the century."

Jim Hansen, the white house and tar sands, 3 Sep 2011


China benefits as US solar industry withers NYT 2 Sep 2011
US tea party defends sprawl Grist 31 Aug 2011
species flee warming faster than thought BBC 20 Aug 2011


disasters in the US: an extreme year AP 2 Sep 2011
Greenland glacier is breaking up MSNBC 1 Sep 2011
hurricane Irene cost ranks in top ten NYC 30 Aug 2011
Vermont worst flooding in a century AP 29 Aug 2011
Arctic sea routes open as ice melts BBC 25 Aug 2011
no relief in sight for Texas drought yahoo 22 Aug 2011


U.S. environmentalists weigh their options NYT 3 Sep 2011
Obama withdraws EPA smog regulation AP 2 Sep 2011
Germany sets renewables record Grist 30 Aug 2011
Cheney: 'I didn't change. The world changed' WSJ 30 Aug 2011
U.S. State Dept approves of pipeline Alternet 29 Aug 2011
20 pct of German power now solar/wind Die Zeit 29 Aug 2011
Kyoto suspends Romania from carbon market AFP 28 Aug 2011
U.S. offers support to Canadian pipeline NYT 27 Aug 2011 
U.S. keystone pipeline protests Dissent 26 Aug 2011
Emerging powers press rich world on CO2 cuts AFP 26 Aug 2011
Repubs target EPA's regulatory authority HuffPost 25 Aug 2011
Germany waters down climate regulation Die Zeit 23 Aug 2011


editor resigns over climate skeptic paper BBC 2 Sep 2011
climate shock puts the world on notice Forbes 29 Aug 2011
weather and war Slate 24 Aug 2011
'Climategate' scientist cleared--again Forbes 24 Aug 2011


Nestle: be scared of organic food Grist 30 Aug 2011
what did you learn in school today: Texas AAS 25 Aug 2011


Tar Sands sit-in ends with surge of support HuffPost 3 Sep 2011
Tim DeChristopher's letter from prison Grist 28 Aug 2011
... wiki on Tim DeChristopher's protest action


J Jensen "Unterwegs zur Plutokratie" Die Zeit 3 Sep 2011
E Linden "betting the farm against climate" LAT 28 Aug 2011
D Elgin "simple life misconceptions" HuffPost 27 Aug 2011
H Bude "No future war gestern" Die Zeit 25 Aug 2011
S Zizek "der autoritaere Kapitalismus ist der Gewinner" ibid.


in the Journal for Global Ethics 7 (2011) climate issue:

M Schönfeld "plan B: global ethics on climate change"
M Thompson "climate, imagination, and Kant"
B Williston "moral progress & Canada's climate failure"
E Hernandez "climate and philosophy in Latin America"
B Janz "Watsuji, Fudo, and climate change"
S Kuo "climate and Confucian ecological intelligence"
X Chen, M Schönfeld "a Daoist response to climate change"
J Decker "the consumption of farmed animal products"

... sixty-three months left.

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