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climate march I 2010

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China in severe drought 3.12.
US some bird species pushed to extinction 3.11.
Arctic shelf belches methane 3.9.
World oceans: growing low-oxygen zones 3.7.
Europe: again another blizzard 3.6.
Arctic ocean: the methane leak 3.5. and AFP and 3.4.
Europe: a new blizzard 2.28. and 2.27.

M. Steinacher: projected 21st c decrease in marine productivity
Biogeoscience 7 (2010): 979-1005


US belief in climatology lowest since polling began 13 ys ago 3.12.
Gallup poll: gringo global warming concerns continue to drop Mar 10
Pew poll: more US Americans doubt climate change Nov 09

Realclimate: a warming pause? Oct 09


H.D. Matthews, A. J. Weaver committed climate warming
Nature Geoscience 3 (2010): 142-143

M. Heimann how stable is the methane cycle?
Science 327 (2010): 1211-1212

S. Solomon stratospheric water vapor & global warming
Science 327 (2010): 1219-1223

M. Lomas carbon uptake in Sargasso Sea & negative feedback loop
Biogeosciences 7 (2010): 57-70

D. Dissard impact of seawater pCO2 on calcification
Biogeosciences 7 (2010): 81-93

N. Shakhova extensive methane venting from siberian arctic shelf
Science 327 (2010): 1246-1250

UN reviews IPCC Himalayan melt warnings 3.10.
fresh evidence for anthropogenic warming 3.5.
settling the science on Himalayan glaciers 3.2.
glacier melting a clue to tracking climate change 3.4.
sea orbiter drifting research station 2.27.


China alleges diplomatic snub at Copenhagen 3.14.
US ocean acidification another path to EPA rules? 3.12.
climategate inquiry consultant claims global warming is religion 3.4.
US Darwin foes add global warming to their targets 3.4.
scientists take steps to defend work on climate 3.2.


European polluters use offsets to avoid carbon cuts 3.11.
European industries are hoarding GHG emissions permits 3.11.
France boosts nuclear energy 3.8.
Florida solar-gas hybrid power plant 3.4.
Japan Toyota Prius tops sales 3.4.
US carbon fee for oil industry? 3.3.
Calif. Owens Valley vs. solar panels 3.2.
green fuels cause more harm 3.1.
China vetoes US Hummer purchase 2.24.
is ethanol bad for climate? 2.12.


D. Darewitz: more research makes the controversy worse 3.10.
T. Athanasiou: how to move forward after Copenhagen 3.4.
C. Hedges: the zero point of systemic collapse 2.12.
World Resources Institute: climate analysis indicators tool

T. Athanasiu, the emissions emergency is a crisis of justice,
Earth Island J (Spring 2010)

W. Alvarez: the Copernican revolution & understanding Earth
Geology 38 (2010): 231-234

M. Hijma twice the sea-level jump prior to 8.2 ka cooling event
Geology 38 (2010): 275-278


America's locust years


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