Thursday, January 31, 2013

climate january 2013

Aussie family huddles under jetty as wildfire rages

The weirding weather

Lake Michigan water level at record low 6 Feb 2013
46C (114F) in Sydney 18 Jan 2013
Record snow in Alabama 17 Jan 2013
Record heat in South Carolina 13 Jan 13
Snow blankets Jerusalem 10 Jan 2013
Wildfires scorch record-hot Australia 9 Jan 13
2012 hottest year on record for USA 8 Jan 13
Snow covers Juarez, Mexico 4 Jan 12
US temps 2012 1.83C over 20th century average 2 Jan 13
Flood misery hits England 23 Dec 12
Jerusalem snow storm 10 January 2013


Responding to climate change and vanishing Arctic ice by gearing up to drill for the stuff at the root of the problem is insane.
David Suzuki 3 Feb 2013

Virtually all of the other OECD countries, and most developing countries including China, India, Mexico, and Brazil, have accepted the judgment of climate scientists.
Steven Chu, 1 Feb 2013, US secretary of energy,
in his resignation letter

Aussie weather map adds purple for +50 C/+122F

Figuring it all out

Mass extinction likely if temps rise 6C in next century 11 Jan 13
... Bighorn basin coring project NSF 2013
... Mass extinction forecast with 6C temp rise 7 Jan 13
... "Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: future implications"
F. A. McInerny, S. L. Wing
Annual Rev of Earth & Plan Sci 39 (2013): 489-516
Hotter and drier, but also colder & wetter 11 Jan 13
sea-level rise: where we stand now Realclimate 9 Jan 13
NOAA confirms 2012 hottest year for lower 48 8 Jan 13

Denial and disenlightenment

Fla senator M Rubio: "climate change not a proven fact" 6 Feb
Am Geophys Union: the myth of "Saudi America" 6 Feb 13
D Suzuki the baffling response to arctic climate change 3 Feb 13
S Chu, secretary of energy, resigns with choice words 1 Feb 13
J Cole global warming is a domestic crisis 23 Jan 13
NYT shutters 'environment desk' as climate crisis begins 11 Jan 13

Mitigation and adaptation

Energiewende: EU wants network of e-car chargers 23 Jan 13
US city mayors urges climate action from Obama 18 Jan 13
NYC commission urges flood walls for subways 12 Jan 13

Civil evolution

new rail traffic data reflects big shift away from coal 5 Feb
climate pushes Sierra Club to end civil disobedience ban 23 Jan
C Hedges the myth of human progress 13 Jan 13
B McKibben: think occupy, but with deep deep roots 10 Jan 13
Green group leaders: Obama, take lead on climate!  8 Jan 13
... climate change activists ready to fight 8 Jan 13

Fracking in North Dakota (circled)

Welcome to the anthropocene

unprecedented Andes melt-off could spell water crisis 23 Jan 13
62 years of global warming in 13 secs Climate Central 21 Jan
Fed's Climate Assessment warns of 9F-15F warming of US 11 Jan
... federal advisory committee draft climate assessment report
towards climate chaos: US oil production set to explode 9 Jan 13
Australia so hot new color added to weather index 8 Jan 13
J Stiglitz climate and poverty: the post-crisis crisis 7 Jan 13
(world politics after unconventional energy boom)
The New Power Map Foreign Affairs 19 Dec 12

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